Homeless Man Returns $10K To Real Estate Agent, Now They Fight Homelessness Together

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It’s a common sentiment to want to do something grand before we go. We want to leave a legacy, even an unnamed one. We want to know that we helped people while we were able and that others suffered less thanks to our existence.

These opportunities to do so might arrive in ways we least expect, a normal day turning into an abundant opportunity. It’s not important how it happens, but what we do when it does and what we make out of the open door given to us.

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At Any Moment

One of the beautiful things in life is that we can’t always know what’s going to come our way, meaning we have no idea what blessings are in store for us when we wake up on any given day.

Someone holding a red gift box, complete with a bow, as if they're handing it forward.
Pexels / Porapak Apichodilok
Pexels / Porapak Apichodilok

The gifts given to us when we’re at our lowest and least expect it are the ones we value most—and this only becomes more true the more desperate we are for a piece of good news.

A Gift From Above

A man from Connecticut experienced this firsthand after doing a good deed for a stranger, and it paid back tenfold.

Alvarez speaking with CBS, standing on the streed by where he found the check.
CBS News
CBS News

Elmer Alvarez was a houseless man who had found himself without a home due to battling mental health issues and drug addiction. He was clearly very down on his luck and fought every day just to survive.

That was until he found a check on the ground for $10,000. He had no idea how much that check was going to change things for him.

Jumping Into Action

His first thought wasn’t to attempt to cash it and take money that was not his, though. Instead, he says the first thing that came to mind was, “I have to look for this person.” He says it never even crossed his mind to try and steal it.

Hoskie holding up the check in a phone video where she offers Alvarez her help.
CBS News
CBS News

“It never crossed my mind because I made a decision to turn my life over. I’ve been clean for three years,” Alvarez told CBS News, clearly proud of his commitment to improvement.

Returning The Favor

The check belonged to a real estate broker named Roberta Hoskie, who he did end up tracking down.

Hoskie smiling as she speaks with CBS.
CBS News
CBS News

She recalled meeting Alvarez for the first time, saying, “I expected to find a guy all nice, clean shaven and blue suit […].”

Instead, it was Alvarez in the clothes he’d been living on the streets in. “It shattered the stereotypes,” Hoskie said.

She knew she couldn’t just let him go back to how he was living before, especially when he did something that displayed his stellar character, so she decided to reward him.

More Than Money

Not with just money, but help.

Hoskie and Alvarez hugging as Alvarez cries.
CBS News
CBS News

Hoskie worked with him to help him find an apartment and offered to pay his rent for several months while he got back on his feet. She also put him through real estate school, and now the two are working together on a project together.

This project won’t actually make them any money, but it will be amazing for their community. Sometime in the next year, they’re hoping to build a transitional house for homeless teenagers.

Passing It Forward

Not only will it provide them with somewhere to live, but it will provide other services that Alvarez said are crucial to finding stability again, services he wished he had when he was struggling.

Hoskie and Alvarez seated at a table signing some documents.
CBS News
CBS News

“I know what it is to be homeless. Nobody deserves to live like that,” he said.

Hoskie also knows this experience intimately, as before she had built her own multi-million dollar real estate company, she, too, had been homeless. A homeless teenage mother, to be specific.

Endless Empathy

The eventual plan is for Alvarez to transition to working as an adviser for this shelter they’re building, a job where he’ll find purpose helping young people not have to experience the same years of suffering that he did.

Hoskie and Alvarez standing next to one another, smiling for the camera.
CBS News
CBS News

His stellar character and dedication to doing the right thing paid off in ways he would never have been able to imagine, and thanks to Hoskie’s empathy and ability to see the future that Alvarez deserved, they’re now both making big moves for a better future.

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