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Hong Kong Billionaire Is Giving $180,000,000 To Any Man Willing To Marry His Daughter

Billionaire Cecil Chao who is the owner of Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd., has been offering a grand sum of money to any man that is able to convince his daughter to marry them.

You may think that someone would have already claimed this prize by now but the reasons why 20,000 responses have failed to answer this call is because of one simple fact.

Upon the failure of these responses, Chao has graciously increased the 'dowry' for a man that is able to sway Gigi, Chao's daughter, who has already been in a lesbian civil partnership for over a decade now with her loving partner, Sean Eav.

Now, as parents all we want is nothing but the best for our children, however, Chao believes that money will be the ultimate key to Gigi's epiphany that she needs a man more than she needs a woman to be in love with for the rest of her life.

Embarrassed by every single detail, Gigi has refused to pander toward her fathers wishes in marrying a man and leaving Sean for just anybody.

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