This Incredible Horse Rocks The Cradle Every Time The Baby Cries

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There is a lot of turmoil in the world right now, what with all the new chaos that has suddenly sprung at is this summer, we might feel a little overwhelmed by what is happening right now.

Especially since we are all in light of talking about how animals are actually way more compassionate about the world than humans are. The critical flaw in our mentality is that we think nature wants nothing but to kill us in whatever chance it gets.

This is simply not the case at all and couldn’t be farther from the truth. Nature has always been there for humans, the sad part is that we’ve completely lost connection to what being apart of nature really means. Our minds have developed way faster than our bodies have which has caused us to over-consume literally everything, we expect things to come to us on a platter, and we take everything that nature gives us for granted.

However, this video should demonstrate otherwise to you. To lighten your spirits about what you think about nature, this video that was provided by Equidia – La Chaîne du Chevalîne du Cheval, an organization that is dedicated to training horses as well as providing them the care necessary for them to live as happy, healthy horses, shows one of the mares tending to a crying baby just outside of it’s pen.

Every single time that the infant cries up at the horse, the horse immediately begins rocking the baby’s cradle as a consolation. The baby will kick and fuss every now and then, only to be pacified by the caring horse that has nothing but the best intentions for the young child. This horse has either been a parent in another life and knows how to deal with crying kids, or nature has a funny way of trying to soothe a sad child.

As you can see, nature is not trying to do any kind of harm to us at all. Well, maybe if you found yourself stranded in the jungle somewhere, then nature might be trying to harm you, but otherwise, how can you look at this video and not think differently? This horse genuinely cares for the crying baby and wants to do it’s best to console the lone infant. Truly inspiring.