The Critical Detail Hidden In Van Gough’s Painting For 125 Years, Do You See It?

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We’ve all heard of Van Gough and his famous painting “The Starry Night.” As a lot of artists, Van Gogh lived ina lot of pain and used art to release some of his agony. Unfortunately he died when he was just 37 before even getting a chance to know that he was leaving a legacy behind. He never got to enoy his success and lived in poverty and famine, and spent a lot of time seeking help for his mental illness.

Despite his artwork taking off worldwide in the century after his death, somehow we overlooked a critical detail in his art that made it as special as it is.

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It Turns Out Van Ghogh Was More Than An Aristst…

Vincent Van Gogh. Self-portrait. Oil on canvas (1889). 65 x 54,5 cm.

Photo by Imagno/Getty Images

Photo by Imagno/Getty Images

First, let’s start in the beginning. In his early twenties, Van Goph was like any young man trying to figure out what to do with his life. He tried being a teacher, then an art dealer, and basically none of the careers he tried out were bringing him any happiness. So, he abandoned all of them and took up his real passion: painting. This was his true purpose, and he owed it to himself to see where it could take him. He had no idea what was in store for his art.

Over the next 10 years, Van Gogh would go on to create a reported almost 900 paintings, not counting the ones on paper. The incredible speed broken down would be about 36 paintings an hour!  Sadly, by the time he died at 37, he had only sold one single painting and didn’t get to see how much of an impact he would have on the world. It seems like the delay in appreciating his work wasn’t just in selling his paintings, but in noticing an important detail within them that was always there but we never noticed. It makes Van Goph not only artist but also a scientist….let’s explain how.