How Intuitive Are You? The Four Levels Of Intuition And How You Can Master Them

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Have you ever been in a situation where you feel your body begging you to leave? Or maybe you had to make a quick decision, and let a little voice in the back of your head push you in the right direction. Both of those instances are intuition at work; the subconscious happenings that guide us through uncertain moments in our lives.

It goes much deeper than just that though, as there are actually four different levels of intuition one can learn about, all helping deepen your connection to your body and giving you the tools to better tackle unfamiliar waters.

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What Is Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to know something based not on any direct exchange of information but rather on deciphering your bodily responses to the situation.

A hand holding a black card that reads,
Unsplash / Jen Theodore
Unsplash / Jen Theodore

Your intuition is born out of your experiences. It becomes the way you react to the world and predict patterns you’ve seen before, providing insight into what is to come. It’s a phenomenon that’s existed for as long as there have been humans, an innate superpower that we all contain within ourselves.

There Are Different Levels To Your Intuition

To some, intuition seems like magic, with one person conjuring up reasons to do or not do something based purely on a feeling. However, intuition is a skill that can be practiced, sharpened, and perfected. It’s also different for everybody, as people may feel their intuition’s guidance more physically while others feel it mentally.

A silhouette of a signpost pointing in four directions against a sunset sky.
Unsplash / Javier Allegue Barros
Unsplash / Javier Allegue Barros

There are four levels of intuition, and thus four different areas in which it can manifest. As we cover these levels, think about where you’ve used these forms of intuition before (if you’ve unlocked them).

Gut Instinct

This is the most well-known form of intuition, even leading to the saying ‘listen to your gut’. Predictably, this form is felt in one’s stomach, rooted in survival instincts, and its primary purpose is to keep us safe.

A woman in a cropped white shirt and a blue skirt dancing, close up on her torso.
Pexels / Brett Sayles
Pexels / Brett Sayles

It can, however, be unreliable, sometimes getting us in more trouble than it’s worth. It also relies purely on physical responses, cutting out any and all emotional factors.

Your “Gut Instinct” Can Turn On And Off

The downside to gut instinct is that it’s very all-or-nothing. You either feel it at its full force screaming at you to run in the opposite direction or you get nothing, crickets. Gut instinct is a powerful tool, but its applications are limited, so it’s best not to use this level of intuition as the one you rely on most.

A woman sitting against the back of a couch on the floor, hands over her heart.
Unsplash / Joice Kelly
Unsplash / Joice Kelly

Gut instinct also isn’t just in your gut! When it kicks in, what you’re really feeling is a stress response being triggered, which brings with it other symptoms such as a quickened heartbeat or sweating. It’s loud, it’s serious, and it’s best you listen when it pops up.

Heart-Based Intuition

The second level of intuition, known as either heart-based intuition or intuitive intelligence, centers on compassionate response. It is often used in contexts involving relationships and communication.

A blonde woman against a cabinet with many small cubbies, looking away whistfully.
Pexels / Anastasia Shuraeva
Pexels / Anastasia Shuraeva

Think of it as ‘following your heart,’ listening to what your emotions reflect back at you, and expressing yourself in your truest form. It’s a very brave form of intuition as one needs to let go of their inhibitions to master it.

How The Heart Connects

Though people consider ‘following your heart’ to be a romanticized way of solving problems, for those with enough emotional intelligence, it lends itself very well to being able to seek out (and thus chase) their truest desires.

Someone holding a heart-shaped neon sign to their chest in the dark, causing a red glow.
Pexels / Designecologist
Pexels / Designecologist

Not to mention that your heart is physically connected to many other sensations in the body, ensuring all your extremities have what they need to function properly. When you listen to your heart, you listen to your entire being’s wishes, from your head to your toes.

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Visionary Power

This form of intuition is less about knowing what’s coming and more about purposely avoiding the ordinary.

A blooming, pink tulip among a field of closed, green ones.
Pexels / João Jesus
Pexels / João Jesus

When you harness this level of intuition, you find yourself letting go of societal expectations more often, forcing yourself to go against the grain until it becomes second nature. You instinctually open yourself up to more of the world.

Elevating Your Life

Unlike gut instinct and heart-based intuition, visionary power is less about keeping you safe and more about enriching the life you already lead. It is also the level of intuition that is most easily learned.

A brown shed with a painting of a sunflower on it as well as the words,
Unsplash / Kyle Glenn
Unsplash / Kyle Glenn

To reach a higher level of visionary power, all you need to do is expose yourself to new experiences, contradicting opinions, and enriching challenges that expand your mind and your worldview. This level of intuition centers in your brain, a very cerebral way of navigating the world.

Connection To Universal Widsom

This level of intuition involves being in touch with what’s called ‘universal awareness,’ which means being conscious about your connection to all things.

A person standing below the northern lights.
Pexels / Tobias Bjørkli
Pexels / Tobias Bjørkli

It allows you to think about your actions on a grander scale and see the butterfly effect of all your decisions, as what you do trickles downward until it returns to the Earth itself.

Unlocking This Power

Reaching universal wisdom can be a daunting task, and how someone can get to that point differs greatly depending on the person. How they access it can also affect how they use it.

A woman sitting among grassy hills, legs folded and hands together, meditating.
Unsplash / Benjamin Child
Unsplash / Benjamin Child

Some people achieve this level of thinking via meditation, while others are just confident or altruistic enough to subconsciously unlock it without intending to. Some will use this newfound knowledge to help others by seeking out the most generous result of their actions, some may use it as a means of teaching others, it can even help with financial decisions!

As for where this form of intuition rests, it’s not really in your body but outside of it, an elevated consciousness that sees beyond your own personhood.

You Contain All Levels Of Intuition

Everyone has the power to hone and practice all forms of intuition should they so choose. As we are all unique, some may find great ease in developing their intuitive talents, and some may struggle. This is a situation where the outcome matters just as much (if not more) than the journey, as every form of intuition listed can bring about endless benefits and opportunities for positive change in one’s life.

A woman in a pattered dress holding an eye-shaped mirror in front of her chest.
Unsplash / Content Pixie
Unsplash / Content Pixie

Learning to listen to your instincts, wherever those instincts rest inside you, can only bring about positivity. You have that power within you, and you have the strength to bring it out.

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