How Narcissists Play The Victim To Turn The Tables On You

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The most dangerous part of having a narcissist in your life is that you usually don’t realize it until it’s too late. Narcissists are really skilled at coming off charming and manipulating you into falling for their act. It’s only once you fall in their grasp that they start to show you their true colors.

Be careful as a narcissist will attempt to turn the tables on you every time that you confront them. They will do anything to not take accountability even if it means tearing you down in the process. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to let them. Here’s how to pick up on their own game.

Being In Complete Denial

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lilartsy / Pexels

lilartsy / Pexels

Deny, deny, deny. That is a narcissists’ favorite philosophy whenever you attempt to confront them. It’s not always clear whether they’re simply lacking the self-awareness to realize how hurtful their actions are or if they refuse to take accountability.

It can be quite confusing to be on the receiving end of someone who claims to care about you, but then doesn’t care for your needs when you express them.