5 Traits You Should Never, Ever Apologize For

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You are a powerfully unique and distinct person. The older you get, the more you explore yourself and the world around you, the more you will have to celebrate you.

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In this age of political correctness and the ideal of inclusiveness, we are urged to ‘slow down’, or apologize for our actions, when no one has been hurt or offended.

You have more inalienable rights than those listed in the Constitution or religious texts.

Stand tall and have faith and pride in yourself. Below are actions and traits that you should never apologize for.

Remember that if someone tries to make you feel bad or apologize for these traits they are disrespecting and belittling you.

No one who truly loves you would ever ask you to stand down from who you are.

Putting Yourself First

A girl standing in front of a body of water, hands in front of her face in a heart shape.
Unsplash / Raychan
Unsplash / Raychan

No one is going to watch over you all the time or constantly protect your interests. You have to put yourself first, if you want to stay happy and capable.

Only a person that has their interests in good order is capable of helping others do the same. You are being selfish, you are ensuring your survival and the fulfillment of your potential.