“How Rare Are You?”: Woman Shares Some Of The Most Interesting Genetic Facts About Humans

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Meet content creator Lexi Slaven, who is blowing minds on social media with some of the fun facts about human genetics that she’s freely sharing.

While some may be taking these genetics for granted and assuming many share them, Lexi highlights how special and unique each person is with the kind of traits and genetics that they carry.

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Raising One Eyebrow

man puts his head to his forehead as he raises an eyebrow

Sammy Williams/ Unsplash

Sammy Williams/ Unsplash

“30% of the population can raise one eyebrow.” For those who never questioned this before, you probably have always done it and assumed it was normal. It turns out the majority of people can’t raise one eye brow at time and end up raising both at once.

One eyebrow raise usually signifies confusion, surprise, skepticism and sometimes even anger. Feeling one of these emotions might make it easier to try it.