How To Be Comfortable With The Unknown (Even When It’s Scary), According To Psychology

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Let us let you in on a little secret. Do you know what the scariest part of the unknown is? It’s the lack of control. After all, how could you be comfortable with something when you do not even know what that something is yet? We tend to try to gain as much control as possible over ourselves, situations, and even others. It’s how we’re conditioned. This not only gives us power, but makes us feel safe because we can predict outcomes and even manipulate them.

So when that’s all taken away, is there still a way to be comfortable with the unknown? Psychology says yes, and here’s how.

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Become Curious, Not Fearful

woman curiously looking at machine

Jorge Flores / Unsplash

Jorge Flores / Unsplash

Did you know that it’s actually possible to trick the mind? You can rewire the way it thinks if you tell it what to do. So every time you’re in a state of fear over the unknown, try taking a stance of curiosity about it. Instead of saying, “I’m scared because something bad could happen,” say, “I wonder what is in store for me?”

Being in a state of curiosity holds acceptance for the future rather than the frustration of not being to predict it. In fact, when you get curious about what’s to come, you can actually get excited and release different chemicals into your brain. All of a sudden, you’re not worried anymore about all the possible things that could go wrong but excited about all the ones that could go right.