How to Know If You’ve Met Them In A Past Life—It’s More Than Deja Vu

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Do you believe in past lives? Do you think that your soul has lived before, in another place, another time? Have you lived a full and wildly different life before being recycled into this current body? Furthermore, do you know about some of these past lives? What you did, who you were, what you loved and despaired?

There are plenty of people who do very in depth practices in order to remember their past lives, learning things that they then bring into their current ones, namely past relationships. If you’re someone currently searching for someone you once knew in a previous life, here are some potential signs that you’ve met them.

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Once Upon A Time

The concept of a past life—the idea that our soul has been through many iterations before this current one, living lives throughout every generation and time period prior to ours—is a bit of a romantic one. Especially when someone is able to access those lives and know who they’ve lived as before, lending past wisdom and experience to their current self.

A collection of black and white photos of people of different ages and genders.
klimkin from Pixabay via Canva
klimkin from Pixabay via Canva

Of course, this also comes with learning about your relationships within those lives. If your soul was brought back for another cycle, surely a previous lover or friend’s soul might have been too. Cue the chase of a lifetime, one that will have you meet tons of people from many walks of life, all in search of the soul you once knew.

So how can you tell if you’ve known someone in a previous life?

They Feel Familiar Upon Meeting Them

This is the first and most common sign that something may be going on with someone you’ve just met, especially if you’re any good at reading people and can tell they feel the same way before they even speak about it.

A couple on a bed, one laying and one sitting, the sitting one draping their arm across the other's torso.
Pexels / Ron Lach
Pexels / Ron Lach

Of course, this is also one that’s easy to explain away. Always clarify that you two haven’t met before now before diving into any heavy speculation or theories about it. With any luck, they’ll admit they feel like they’ve seen you before too, but neither will be able to draw any connections between your pasts.

You’ve Seen Them In A Dream

Instantly recognizing someone’s face not from having seen them elsewhere in your waking life but knowing right away you’ve seen them in a dream might indicate that you’ve known them in a past life. Funnily enough, this can also happen with animals.

A girl sleeping in her bed with white sheets, a plant in the foreground.
Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

It’s believed that our brains are incapable of making ‘new’ faces, instead populating our dreams with people we’ve seen before, even if it’s only in passing or in a photo somewhere. This makes this one indicator even more fascinating.

Invite Them Back

This means that if you recognize someone from a dream but know you haven’t seen them before, there must be something else at play. Your brain certainly knows them from somewhere, right? If it’s not your brain, it might just be your soul remembering a connection from a past life.

Someone sitting in a meditative pose, focused on their hand resting on their knee.
Unsplash / JD Mason
Unsplash / JD Mason

If this ever happens (just like with the last sign) make sure you’ve never met them before, then see if you’re able to recreate any dream-like scenario. Seeking them out via meditation or lucid dreaming might help you learn more about whatever’s going on.

Your Birth Chart Shows Compatibility

When it comes to zodiac sign compatibility, there are many, many layers to determine if someone is really a good match based on the stars alone. It takes much more than sun signs that complement each other for two people to be truly and deeply compatible within their charts, and given all the possible combinations for just one person’s sign distinction, two people coming out compatible on many different levels is a rare sight.

Two people sitting on a bench, laughing.
Pexels / Jose D´Alessandro
Pexels / Jose D´Alessandro

True, deep chart compatibility can certainly be a sign that you two were destined to meet.

It’s In The Stars

This compatibility, paired with either sense of familiarity listed above, can signify something more going on with your connection.

Two people holding hands across a wooden table.
Unsplash / Alvin Mahmudov
Unsplash / Alvin Mahmudov

It’s also worth looking at what specific areas of your chart are compatible. If it’s a blanket ‘all’ or ‘most’ of them, maybe disregard this step, but if you’re seeing connections in houses that rule relationships, the home, and love, this may point to what this person meant to you in your past life. Not all connections are romantic, after all! There are plenty of important people from your previous lives that would be worth meeting again.

Your Bond Feels Telepathic

This might be a connection you’ve already had with a close friend or sibling, where it feels like you can genuinely read each others’ minds or communicate via look alone. The difference between this example and a potential past life connection is that the former likely took time to form and practice, while the latter will happen far faster.

A closeup of a woman's eyes and nose. She's wearing bright green contacts and light green eye makeup.
Pexels / Ron Lach
Pexels / Ron Lach

It might even happen during your first time meeting. If it’s in a group setting, you’re sparing glances constantly. If you two are alone, you’re sharing many silent moments just looking at one another, a clear and obvious pull taking place between you.

Linking Of The Minds

This is also something that can be measured as it develops. Maybe the more you speak, the more you’re able to anticipate what the other person will say or how they’ll react. You’ll find that you two are on the same wavelength very, very frequently, feeling like you’re sharing the same thoughts altogether.

Two women sitting on a blanket outside, smiling, one holding a book and the other leaning against her shoulder.
Pexels / Ron Lack
Pexels / Ron Lack

The link between your minds will be undeniable, but the rest will be up to you to determine whether or not it’s indicative of a past life connection, or just two new friends being close.

Worth The Effort

Finding the people you’ve lost in a past life is hard, often unforgiving work. There are so many mixed signals and false alarms to sort through, but that desire for a connection as deep and fulfilling as the one you previously had is often enough to encourage someone to keep searching.

Two people's hands touching, one lightly touching the fingertips of the other.
Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

After all, once it actually happens and you’ve met someone across multiple lifetimes, there’s no denying how special and life-changing that bond is. No matter what type of life you two led before and will lead today, knowing that you both found one another against all odds once again grants strength to your relationship.

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