How Your Seventh House Is Affecting Your Relationships, And What To Do About It

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In astrology, your houses represent areas of your life such as family, health, and communication. The signs that reside over those houses in your birth chart can lay out what recurring themes will appear in those areas of your life, as well as what challenges you might face.

That’s why if you seem to be facing issues or noticing patterns in your love life, it might be helpful to look at your seventh house—the ruler of your romantic relationships. The sign sitting in that house may just offer some new insight.

Aries Charges Forward

Aries is the natural ruler of the first house, which is all about the self. That self-focused way of thinking can still be evident even if you have Aries in your seventh house, as it can indicate that selfishness may become an issue in your relationships.

A man looking up into the distance through a window, in which we can see clouds reflected.
Unsplash / Dylan Ferreira
Unsplash / Dylan Ferreira

Aries is independent. You need plenty of space to forge your own path. Some partners may feel alienated by this, while others will try to become too involved and encroach on your personal goals.

If the first Zodiac sign resides in your seventh house, make sure you’re not leaving your partners behind as you continue your trailblazing ways…but don’t sacrifice your dreams for someone who becomes bitter when they see you making progress. Finding someone equally as independent, but also encouraging, might just be the balance you need.

Taurus Doesn’t Budge

Taurus is a sign of loyalty and commitment, making it a wonderful sign to have in your seventh house. As a Taurus, you’re at your best when you’re in a stable, secure relationship, and you hold a ton of respect for your partner in all that they do. You have a knack for practical planning and are all about maintaining trust.

The silhouette of a couple embracing in front of a sunset.
Unsplash / Oziel Gómez
Unsplash / Oziel Gómez

That being said, Taurus also tends to be a bit stubborn at times. Communication isn’t a problem for you, but creating compromise regarding what’s being communicated can be challenging, which can lead to your partner deciding it’s easier to not bring things up at all.

While maintaining that strong bond, make sure you’re also listening to your partner and working with them to create solutions that work for both of you.

Gemini Needs Excitement

Gemini is a highly social sign, and many of them really enjoy the dating game. Going out, meeting new people, trying new things, it’s all very alluring and exciting to you. In turn, those you go on dates with tend to have a lot of fun!

Two people laughing while laying on a blanket in the grass.
Pexels / Leah Kelley
Pexels / Leah Kelley

But where does it go from there? While floating from person to person may be exciting, keeping that same thrill in a committed relationship can be tough for Gemini, leading to wandering thoughts and a stale partnership. Your biggest challenge is ensuring that things remain fresh and fun with your partner, as well as finding someone who can keep up with all you want to do.

Cancer Doesn’t Tell

Cancer is known to be an emotional sign. You feel things very intensely, harboring a deep desire to care for others. At least, that’s what you show others. All the while you also wish to be cared for in the same way.

A red, heart-shaped candle burning.
Pexels / George Becker
Pexels / George Becker

That fact isn’t something you’re too keen on communicating though, and when your partner fails to pick up on your hints, you’re left feeling hurt.

Though it makes you feel vulnerable (more so than tender-hearted Cancer tends to feel already) you need to learn to tell your partner exactly what you need from them in order for your relationship to thrive. Wanting to be loved and cared for is not a weakness!

Leo Second-Guesses

As Leo is ruled by the sun, you bring all the qualities of a star. Bold, bright, and warm, a relationship with a Leo can be refreshing.

A man and a woman smiling at each other while standing close.
Unsplash / Giorgio Trovato
Unsplash / Giorgio Trovato

However, Leos tend to want to be the center of a relationship. That doesn’t mean you’re inherently selfish though. In fact, you’re often quite generous, but this main-character mentality means that insecurities can quickly get the better of you. When a doubt crops up, it takes off like a rocket and can reflect itself in your relationship.

To conquer this, remember that everyone has doubts about themselves; it’s a totally natural process and you aren’t worse off for having them. Also, your partner doesn’t expect you to be perfect all the time. You’re both human, you both have faults, and talking out your worries will do wonders for your confidence.

Virgo Dwells On The Past

Virgo is a curious, nurturing sign with other people’s best interests at heart. You see life lessons in every challenge you face and often refer to past scenarios when dealing with present problems.

An elderly couple holding hands and walking down a path.
Unsplash / micheile dot com
Unsplash / micheile dot com

This can become an issue in relationships, as you’re likely to bring up old flames more than a current partner would expect or feel comfortable with. Relationships are just as much about new experiences and spontaneity as they are about ensuring structure and stability.

No amount of studying your past partners and dodging issues will help you reach that perfection you’re looking for. Relationships can face any number of difficulties and speed bumps, and the sooner you embrace that, the more at ease you’ll feel.

Libra Commits A Lot

Libra naturally resides over the seventh house regardless of your natal chart, meaning relationships will be a large part of your life if you happen to have it there in your own chart as well.

A book opened and its center pages folded inwards to make a heart shape.
Unsplash / Aung Soe Min
Unsplash / Aung Soe Min

Due to relationships being such an integral part of your existence, Libras tend to give a lot of themselves to their partners. Too much, in fact. You try incredibly hard to ensure that your relationship has no quarrels but do so by conforming to the other person’s desires, even if it’s not what you would want for yourself. To no fault of your partner’s own, either.

The solution for Libras is remembering that you are your own person outside of your relationships. You don’t need to be in one to thrive, and you don’t need to lose yourself to keep someone else happy.

Scorpios Are Closed Off

Scorpios thrive with intimacy. They love expressing it and receiving it. In return, they love to be close to people and have physical proof of their bond with others.

A closeup of a man and a woman kissing, a ring on the woman's finger.
Pexels / Katie Salerno
Pexels / Katie Salerno

While you excel in the realm of touch, Scorpios do tend to struggle a bit when it comes to emotional intimacy. You’re quick to put up walls when someone gets too close, or shut people out to avoid revealing something you find embarrassing or upsetting. You keep people at an arm’s length and tell yourself it’s for their own safety.

If someone is showing interest in you, it’s because they want to know all of you. While you’re entitled to your secrets, some things are just not worth pushing people away over.

Sagittarius Speaks Freely

If Sagittarius is sitting in your seventh house, you love a sense of adventure in your relationships. Some have even found that long-distance relationships are common with this sign as the promise of travel is thrilling, but even if you’re dating someone nearby, you love to go out and explore. You’re optimistic and always looking for a good time.

A multitude of small pink heart lights diffusing across a blurry background.
Unsplash / freestocks
Unsplash / freestocks

Though, Sagittarius also tends to be a bit blunt. A major struggle in your relationships is learning how to word things best to avoid hurting your partner’s feelings. While you see value in always being straightforward, some people require more delicacy, and learning how best to communicate with them will show just how much you respect your partner.

Capricorn Likes To Rule

Like Taurus, Capricorns place great value on loyalty. You’re all about commitment and hold your partner in high regard. Capricorn in the seventh house also tends to indicate more traditional values, in the sense of wanting to get married and start a family.

A closeup of a man and a woman with their pinkies interlocked, the woman sporting a ring.
Unsplash / Jasmine Carter
Unsplash / Jasmine Carter

While the reliability of a Capricorn is great for relationships, they also have a tendency to desire control. This can lead to either being a bit of a domineering partner, or harboring resentment when their partner does things they feel they don’t have a say in. It’s an instinctual thing that doesn’t always indicate ill-intent, but it’s something that needs to constantly be checked lest it grow into something unhealthy.

Aquarius Needs Balance

While Aquarius as a sun sign is often the planning type, when it resides in the seventh house, its more creative qualities emerge. Having Aquarius in your seventh house means you’re a dreamer—a dreamer who needs the freedom to let their heads roam around in the clouds.

A number of bright candy hearts, one in the center has the word 'LOVE' stamped on it.
Pexels / Pixabay
Pexels / Pixabay

Your desire for individuality can sometimes be read as egotistical, so while you want to make sure you have a partner that won’t rain on your parade, it’s also worth remembering that they may have very genuine concerns and deserve to be listened to. Don’t compromise if they refuse to let you express yourself, but don’t dismiss everything they bring up.

Pisces Runs From Realism

Unsurprisingly, Pisces’ hopeless-romantic nature slots itself perfectly into the seventh house. You crave physical intimacy and need someone you can be freely affectionate with, capable of soaking in all the love a Pisces has to give.

A man spinning a woman around as if they're dancing, while standing among trees.
Unsplash / Scott Broome
Unsplash / Scott Broome

Due to the sheer amount of desire in your heart, Pisces can sometimes be a bit smothering and are prone to codependency. You’re a touch idealistic and tend to think about your relationships in the way of tropes.

Everyone wants a romance straight out of a novel, but we are not carefully written characters on this earth, we’re people. The advice for Pisces? Though it’s hard to quell a dreamer’s heart, make sure you keep yourself grounded in love. Don’t give everything you have to your other half.

Love, Obviously, Is Complicated

People are as unpredictable as they are unique, and as beautiful as they can be burdensome. However, having some sense of how the universe has plotted your course regarding relationships can be of some help when you face roadblocks.

A man in the foreground holding a bouquet of flowers behind his back, the girl he plans to give them to in the background.
Pexels / vjapratama
Pexels / vjapratama

Above all else, know that you are worthy of love and worthy of the work it takes to love and be loved correctly. The right person will come along—sometimes a multitude of times—and you’ll come to know what the perfect relationships looks like for you.

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