How Your Zodiac Sign Could Be Affecting Your Sleep

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Sleeping is an essential part of human life, one that many people look forward to at the end of their day! Just because it’s comforting, that doesn’t mean we all get the sound sleep we so desire. What determines a good night’s sleep? What can be done to encourage better rest?

One thing you can examine is how your sleep is affected by your zodiac sign. With different astrological placements having different traits, it is believed that your sun sign might say a lot about your inclination toward sleeping, influencing everything from your bedtime habit to the quality of your sleep.

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Compare And Contrast

If you cycle through your friends in your head and think about how they’ve talked about their sleeping habits, you’ll quickly note how different they are. Some people have extremely strict and dedicated bedtime routines that they dare not deviate from, while other people just sort of wing it, going to bed whenever it feels right rather than at a specific time.

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You’ll also see that your friends’ sleep quality differs greatly. Some sleep a perfect, well-rested eight hours every night, while others toss and turn until the sun comes up again.

Sweet Dreams?

What determines these differences in sleep and sleep-related behaviors? Why are some people more prone to naps, why do some need a meticulous set of steps played out before they top into bed while others don’t even bother making theirs?

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Many factors determine someone’s habits and quality of sleep, such as their physical health and how bedtime was treated growing up. However, one lesser-known factor that can play into the psychology of sleep is someone’s astrological sign.

Your sign can not only dictate what it is you need to sleep well but also what you’re predisposed sleeping habits are like. These facts will either be calling you out or giving you some much-needed advice, maybe both.


As an Aries, you’re a 0 or 100 kind of person, especially when it comes to sleep. You’re constantly on the go, and when you crash, you crash hard. But since you’re so active, you rarely need caffeine to wake up, able to hop right out of bed and get your day started.

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You also don’t tire easily, so it’s important to have an exercise routine that gets your heart pumping and gets you good and ready for bed. Even a few minutes of cardio can help you burn off some steam before you turn in for the night.


An absolute night owl, Taurus know exactly what their body needs when it comes to winding down for the night. Setting the mood with all the appropriate sleep-related essentials is key, and you’re well aware since you already have all these necessities, from candles to a white noise machine, plush pillows to high thread count sheets, whatever makes sleeping a luxurious experience.

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You take your sleep very, very seriously, and that attitude works! After all this prep, it’s no wonder you always sleep like a baby—it proves that a good night’s sleep isn’t something to be taken lightly.


Gemini, it’s nearly impossible to settle down and get to sleep with your mind running all over the place. You love going down the rabbit hole with interesting facts or getting lost adrift on social media scrolls, but you need to learn when enough is enough.

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To lull you to sleep without pleasing or piquing your curiosity, you opt for reruns and dynamic ambient sounds to drown out the mental chatter and provide comfort throughout the night. Regardless of your ever-changing sleep schedule, as you also seem to avoid strict daily bedtimes or waking times, you can always use some form of sound to create the balance needed to make a solid dream or two.


As a Cancer, the moon is your sign’s ruler, meaning you’ll always feel connected to the nighttime and the realm of dreams. To honor that connection, it’s important to focus on getting an amazing night’s sleep. Make sure you have items that nurture your soul present while you’re sleeping to keep you feeling comfortable, be they some of your favorite objects or a soothing sound that will wash over you while you sleep.

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You’re not really a morning person, Cancer, so aiming for at least 8 hours of rest before waking is extra important for you. You want to face the day feeling comfortable and welcomed by the sun’s rising, not stifled by it.


Leo, you’ve always got the arts on your mind, so even before bed, there are ways for you to unleash your creativity. Invest in a good shower speaker and listen to your favorite tunes or take up some artistic journalling, writing and drawing your feelings out before bed.

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You also tend to have very vivid dreams, which is both a blessing and a curse at times. By learning lucid dreaming or picking up the habit of using a dream journal, you might be able to harness your fantastical nighttime visions and use them as future inspiration for your art.


Virgo is the zodiac sign most concerned with productivity, and as such, you abhor oversleeping, so much so that you are probably sleep deprived and often feel the need to drink excessive amounts of caffeine so you can stay up and get more done. Not only is this not conducive to quality work, but it’s also ruining your sleep, meaning you’ll still feel like you’re falling behind the next day.

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Ensuring that your bed is a clean, organized, stress-free space is the best way to take at least one weight off your shoulders when it comes to overthinking and overstressing about small things. You don’t need to wait until the day you feel like you’ve “done enough” to earn a full night’s rest, you already deserve that!


As a social butterfly, Libra thrives on good vibes and good company. Whether inviting a friend over for wine, having an intimate dinner with a significant other, or cuddling up with a pet, Libra loves ending their day on a positive note.

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While all their mingling and socializing habits may leave them more tired than they’d want to admit, always happy to accept a late-night invite to an event, Libra wouldn’t have it any other way. They tend to rest easy (just inconsistently) but are good at bouncing back the next day.


Known for their determination and resilience, Scorpio rarely sleeps past 8 a.m., and they rarely ever feel like relaxing. No matter the prior night’s sleep, they always somehow find themselves awake and ready to face the day, with a plethora of accomplishments already under their belt, making them quite an inspiration (or a source of jealousy for some).

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This is because they tend to hide their exhaustion, waiting until their day has ended so they can return home and collapse onto the couch for a few hours. You already do a lot, Scorpio, you’re allowed to sleep in every so often so you can catch up on the rest you desperately need.


As a Sagittarius, you are renowned as a free spirit that loves to break the monotony and enjoy a spontaneous life after the sun sets. You revel in the freedom of not knowing what each night will look like and steering clear of rigid routines.

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You may have trouble even thinking about sleeping sometimes, always afraid you’ll miss out on some opportunity or experience you’d get to have otherwise. To combat this, try to have something to look forward to the following day, big or small. This way, you’ll be content to rest and carry on living through the night with a sense of anticipation and thrill.


Capricorns are incredibly goal-oriented and take sleep seriously, as they understand the importance of having a disciplined sleep routine. Your best sleep will come from an uncomplicated regimen, going to bed around the same time each night with minor prep work ahead of time, just a simple brushing of the teeth will do.

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You might even enjoy rising with the sun to maximize your day, but you don’t want to do it too early either or else you’ll be yawning due to a lack of rest. You’re generally very aware of your sleep limits, now you just need to learn how to perfectly maintain that delicate balance.


Even in the nighttime, Aquarius, your creativity never stops working, giving you plenty of thoughts that keep you up at night. To help with this, listen to a good podcast before bed to get your intellectual wheels turning. You could even partake in some calming yet challenging puzzle games to give your brain a proper workout before laying your head to rest.

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You’re a master of your words but tend to exercise this in less-than-productive ways, engaging in pointless fights online or otherwise. Instead, use that talent to do some creative writing or journalling, something less likely to keep you up staring at your phone or fantasizing about different argument comebacks.


Perhaps the dreamiest of all the signs and the most engaged in their imagination, Pisces often opt for dreamland over reality. Not surprisingly, you can easily drift off until the late afternoon if you don’t have anything planned. Your natural affinity for sleeping is the envy of many, and you are able to doze off almost instantly.

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That’s all during the day, though. Sometimes, when night rolls around, you really struggle to find that same sleep that comes to you during the day. To help with that while also using your natural talents, try creating false scenarios in your head- after all, they’ll be more creative than settling into a binge. Just make sure to get plenty of rest so the coming morning isn’t too painful and distant from reality.

Good Night!

Someone’s experience with sleep is a personal thing, and our sleep habits, schedules, routines, and quality can change over time.

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What doesn’t change is the important role that sleep plays in our health, both physical and mental. Prioritizing your sleep isn’t selfish, lazy, or a waste of time, we all deserve to have a good night’s rest!

So take stock of your sleep, see where you’re at with it, and if there’s anything you can do to improve it. Your mind and body will be sure to thank you.

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