30+ Hysterical Moments When People Got Scared To Death At A Haunted House, Caught By A Secret Cam

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Our would is filled with different types of people.

Some people are adrenaline-junkies who love a good thrill and others would much rather avoid taking any sort of risk, if given the option.

Haunted houses are clearly designed for those thrill-seekers out there. In the past few years, haunted houses have really stepped up their game.

One of the best haunted houses out there is Nightmare Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Several people have signed up for the challenge and thought they were ready. However, photographic evidence provided by the park proves otherwise!

Take a look at these 30 hysterical images; capturing the exact moment fear struck!

More info: nightmaresfearfactory.com

1. At least dad is having fun!

2. Is she trying to hide under his shirt?

3. Priceless reaction…

4. Hold hands with me, bro!

5. I think she’s more afraid of getting strangled…

6. Fight or Flight? He chose flight.

7. Shield me!

8. They made a choo-choo train of terror!

9. He’s holding it together in a time of crisis…

10. He’s trying to out scare the haunted house

11. Love at first sight

12. Honey, where did you go?!

13. Frozen in fear

14. Are they going to vomit?

15. One of the best faces so far!

16. Don’t leave me!

17. I hope he didn’t have a heart attack!

18. Those eyes though…

19. This isn’t his first time around the block…

20. She actually jumped!

21. Dad, protect me!

22. This is so epic

23. I think they all reacted differently…

24. Best group leader ever!

25. Is this a new dance move?

26. Dad, the protector.

27. Watch out!

28. I love when they all hold onto each other…

29. I think he’s casting a defense spell…

30. Someone is always excited while the others are terrified!

31. I think they’re all equally terrified…

32. Your hats won’t save you…

33. Let go of my purse!

34. They got extra close to whatever it is that scares everyone…

35. I think he just saw something he can never unsee…

36. The girl at the back of the line is my favorite!

37. I think she delights in his terror…

38. Who do you think is having the most fun?

Thanks to Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada for these hilarious photos!

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