“I Got Run Over By a Truck and Died”, Here’s What Happened 10 Months Later

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It seems like when everything is going well we just wait for other shoe to drop because that’s how life tends to be. We can have it all then lose everything overnight. However what separates those who end up on top from those who stay at the bottom could come down from how they respond to the biggest obstacles, including death itself.

Kelly Alexander clinically died after being a life long athlete. But how she overcame death rewrote her story.

From the book Gratitude in Motion as Seen on Reader’s Digest.

Right When Everything Was Going Well

It was meant to be beautiful morning for longtime athlete Colleen Kelly Alexander as she rode her bike home from work. She thought she had already gotten through the worst of it, having survived both a diagnosis of lupus and brain surgery.

truck flipped upside down on road
Stephen Tafra / Unsplash
Stephen Tafra / Unsplash

She now was married to the love of her life with whom she shared a passion for a fulfilling career. They were even trying to have a baby.