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"I'm A Proud Catfish" - Where Is The Line Between Makeup And Catfishing?

Makeup is often debated. Some people argue that it deceives and prevents people from embracing their natural beauty. Other people say it accentuates their features and helps them feel confident. Is there such a thing as t"oo much makeup"?

A woman who lost her teeth, @princxssglitterhea uses makeup to erase the stigma about teeth on TikTok. Some people say the drastic change in her look makes her a catfish. Here's her take.

Makeup Or Catfish?

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The word catfish is used to describe someone who pretends to be someone they're not, usually hiding behind a fake persona or using someone else's pictures.

Although makeup usually doesn't count, sometimes it's used to label women who wear so much makeup that they're unrecognizable without it.

A Woman's Unique Perspective

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Alicia, a TikTok user with the name @princxssglitterhead, has gone viral, earning over a million followers. However, her followers aren't all necessarily fans. Alicia is known as the girl with snap-in dentures.

She makes videos that transform her look, from makeup-less and tooth-less to bright and shiny dentures to complement a full glam look.

She Lost Her Teeth But Not Her Confidence

Although Alicia's videos are made of makeup transformation, the makeup isn't actually her focus. Alicia lost all her teeth but explains that this isn't something to be embarrassed about.

She hopes to erase the stigma about losing your tooth, by showing that you can still look and feel beautiful. After all, we're all going to lose our teeth someday anyway.

It Happened During Her Pregnancy

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Alicia didn't always have missing teeth. It all started during her pregnancy, at only 21 years old. She explains that she wasn't as healthy as she should've been so the baby had to look for nutrients in some other way.

The baby ended up stripping away the calcium from her teeth. The teeth then became too brittle and started falling out. Luckily the baby turned out okay, so it might have been worth the price.

Makeup Gave Her Purpose

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Alicia has no problem showing what she looks like with and without makeup, or teeth. She found purpose with makeup not as a means to hide, but as a way to express herself.

In fact, her most viral video has over 30 million videos. Even though her videos have mixed reactions Alicia explains: "I am a happily married mom of fifteen years with 4 kids and I wear makeup for ME. I'm also a makeup artist with the same rights as anyone else to wear it."

There Will Be Haters And There Will Be Supporters

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The debate between catfishing and being free to wear makeup continues across the comments section on Alicia's socials. While some support her, saying she's pretty both before and after, some go as far as calling her work "witchcraft," and "false advertising."

Alicia's answer is "If what I do bothers you then cancel all of Hollywood." She may be on to something. Either way, you can never please everyone anyway.

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