“I Regretted It From The Time I did it,” Forced To End Their Interracial Romance, Couple Reunites 50 Years Later

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It turns out that true love is timeless. No matter how much time goes by and how much changes in life during that time, a true soulmate connection finds its way back and fights off the odds. Sometimes when love doesn’t work out, it’s not because it wasnt a good fit but due to circumstances. Sometimes it’s just a question of timing.

When Jeanna Gustavson met the love of her life in college, all odds seemed to be stacked up against her. Their interracial relationship was not accepted at the time and it tore them apart. She regretted it for the rest of her life, so at 68 years old, she decide to track down her long-lost lover.

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He Was Her First Love

framed picture of young jeanne and steve

KGW News / Youtube

KGW News / Youtube

Jeanna Gustavson was just a freshman in college when she first met Steve Watts, who was a senior at the time. The pair happened to be a gathering of the German Club at Loyola University Chicago in 1971. There were many students there but for whatever fateful reason, they caught each other’s eye and couldn’t let go of it. They had no idea what was in store for them.

Jeanne was immediately smitten by how handsome he looked, and became even more fond when she started talking to him. She remembers that he was:  “extremely handsome, dressed impeccably, always a gentleman—everything you’d want in a boyfriend.”