The Story of How A Doctor Became a Father at 83, “I Want to Live to Be 105 to See Him Graduate.”

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You never know what life has in store for you? You may assume that at your age you’ve already lived a long and fulfilled enough life that you likely can now sit, relax and enjoy it but surprises still come along the way until your very last day. While brigig a child into the world is the dream of many couples, it is more common for young couples who are just beginning their family lives and have just begun to settle.

Usually a man in his 80s is assumed to be the grandfather. Yet for Argentinean doctor Alberto Cormillot, marrying a woman 48 years younger than him also meant becoming a father at the age of 83. Now he hopes to live long enough to see his son graduate. After all why should life stop just because we age when it can just keep on getting better?

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Changing Lives From A Young Age

alberto as a child, young adult, and present

drcormi / Instagram

drcormi / Instagram

Alberto has always lived his own version of a fulfilling life. He was born on August 31, 1938, in Buenos Aires, with a vibrant personality. It was clear that he would have some kind of lively career and be able to use his voice and personality to attract and influence others.

In fact, Alberto grew up to become Argentina’s most famous nutritionist. He appeared on television and had a big following that looked up to him. Throughout his long career, he helped thousands of people with eating disorders to change their lives through his obesity treatment institutions, educational activities, and media messages. His life was as successful as it was fulfilling.