The Story of How A Doctor Became a Father at 83, “I Want to Live to Be 105 to See Him Graduate.”

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You never know what life has in store for you? You may assume that at your age you’ve already lived a long and fulfilled enough life that you likely can now sit, relax and enjoy it but surprises still come along the way until your very last day. While brigig a child into the world is the dream of many couples, it is more common for young couples who are just beginning their family lives and have just begun to settle.

Usually a man in his 80s is assumed to be the grandfather. Yet for Argentinean doctor Alberto Cormillot, marrying a woman 48 years younger than him also meant becoming a father at the age of 83. Now he hopes to live long enough to see his son graduate. After all why should life stop just because we age when it can just keep on getting better?

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Changing Lives From A Young Age

alberto as a child, young adult, and present

drcormi / Instagram

drcormi / Instagram

Alberto has always lived his own version of a fulfilling life. He was born on August 31, 1938, in Buenos Aires, with a vibrant personality. It was clear that he would have some kind of lively career and be able to use his voice and personality to attract and influence others.

In fact, Alberto grew up to become Argentina’s most famous nutritionist. He appeared on television and had a big following that looked up to him. Throughout his long career, he helped thousands of people with eating disorders to change their lives through his obesity treatment institutions, educational activities, and media messages. His life was as successful as it was fulfilling.

Boy Meets Girl

Renee and Alberto at wedding reception having a drink by the cake

drcormi / Instagram

drcormi / Instagram

For a long time, Roberto was known for his career without much attention being given to his personal life. This all changed when just as it seemed like he was nearing the end of his career, Robert met Estefanía Pasquini in 2012.

The pair met when she started working at Roberto’s clinic while he fought against obesity. Their professional relationship turned romantic and the two fell in love in secret. News of their love made it to the public in 2019, when they announced that they were going to marry. Although Estefanía was 48 years younger than him, age seemed like nothing but a number for the couple who was very much in love.

First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Babies

newborn baby on the left and newborn laying on renne's chest on the right

drcormi / Instagram

drcormi / Instagram

Given Estefanía’s young age, the couple dreamed of having their own family and bringing a child into the world. After a long wait and several attempts, they were finally able to make their dream come to life and gave birth to Emilio. The baby was in perfect health and was able to go home with the couple just two days later to begin their new life as a family.

The family was aware that they would have to be more careful than most to stay healthy and maximize their time together. For example, Alberto agreed with his wife that they would stay away from any salt and sugar for at least two years.

People Were Quick To Judge

renne and alberto hold baby up for photo at chirstmas

estefi_pasquini / Instagram

estefi_pasquini / Instagram

Although the new small family was happy, not everyone was happy for them. Due to Alberto’s public image, people felt like they had something to say about his situation and they made their opinion known.

Many echoed that Alberto was simply too old to be a father at 83 and that he was actually setting his son up to grieve a parent far before he should. One journalist even reported that Emilio was “about to have a little orphan,” and questioned how long Alberto would be able to be present in his son’s life.

Not His First Rodeo

alberto with his ex wife and son

drcormi / Instagram

drcormi / Instagram

This wasn’t Alberto’s first experience in fatherhood as he had actually been a dad for more than 50 years, after the birth of his daughter, Reneé, and later his son Adrián. However, so much time had passed since his children were newborn babies that the experience felt new once again and he had a lot to catch up on and learn about being a dad in this modern age. he explains that made him feel like a first-time dad:

“I don’t remember much of what the experience is anymore. Yesterday we went to look for strollers, so we did a course on strollers. These didn’t even exist back then, they used to be much more primitive […]. Before there were cloth diapers that were washed and changed, and today it is totally different.”

All Worth It

Baby smiling while laying down

estefi_pasquini / Instagram

estefi_pasquini / Instagram

Despite the opposition of many, the couple couldn’t be happier. Any time they had doubts all they needed to do was look at their smiling happy child. Both Alberto and his wife feel strongly about each other and are convinced of their decision.

They are happy and that’s all that matters. What everyone thinks is their own concern. After all, they’re not living their lives to please others but to reach the utmost happiness themselves as long as they are not harming anyone.

Supported By Their Family

Alberto takes selfie with his kids and grandkids

drcormi / Instagram

drcormi / Instagram

The public may be opinionated but Alberto’s family has actually been quite supportive. Alberto’s children accepted their father’s decision and wished him the best in his new life.

In fact, they welcome their half-brother as their own and wanted to include him as part of their family. Alberto explains: “My son said that he will have someone to play catch with, and having a brother is something he will like. And Reneé, as a female child, is ambivalent. On the one hand, she’s happy and on the other hand, it’s hard for her,” he said. After all, age was just a number to them too. It didn’t matter how much younger Emilio was because at the end of the day he was still their blood and family.

An Acceptance For The Inevitable End

Photoshoot picture of mother with new born baby posing in a barrel

drcormi / Instagram

drcormi / Instagram

Estefanía is not in denial about her husband’s age. She understands that this is the life that she chose and she intends to make the most of it while she has her whole family by her side. Invetibaly Alberto’s time will eventually come to an end but so does everyone’s so she will face that when the time comes.

She hopes that people see that she’s not naive but that she is happy and has a solid support system by her side: “They don’t say anything that I don’t know, or that Alberto doesn’t know, or that we haven’t talked about […]. I talked about it with my friends and they told me ’Yes, it’s going to happen, you’re going to have a child and tomorrow he won’t be there, for logical reasons of life […]. And when he is no longer there, we will all be there to take you forward.”

Life Goes Full Circle

Alberto with daughter as a young dad and then with son at 83 in the same pose playing clarinette

drcormi / Instagram

drcormi / Instagram

Rather than look at why Alberto shouldn’t be a father at 83, why not admire the fact that he was able to still achieve this milestone at his age. After all, life is meant to be lived all the way through. Every day that we’re still alive is a gift and we should be making the most of it. Life doesn’t stop because we age so there is no reason to waste and stop enjoying all the blessings that it can still bring just because they don’t fit into society’s expectations and forms. Alberto believes that every age can live in the way that makes them happy, no matter how old;

“People are biased with respect to an older adult, there is a cliché: an older person cannot have children or have fun […]. A single-parent family can have a child, but not an elderly person. It is not a very wise thing to do. A senior citizen is an overload, they are disposable, disposable, not even recyclable, and many people buy that. And I don’t buy it and I didn’t buy it,” he said.

The Body Is Limitless

alberto practicing arial and gymastics

drcormi / Instagram

drcormi / Instagram

Alberto does his best to remain healthy and maximize his odds of living as long as possible to keep up with his son. To do so he stays active by tap dancing and aerial dancing, two activities that would never get boring.

He has dealt with his fair share of health scares but has always preserved and kept moving forward. He explains: “I had cancer twice, which is a disease associated with older people, and the X-rays show that my knees are shot, as are my shoulders and spine. In total, I’ve accumulated more than 30 injuries. There seems to be a contradiction between my medical history and my life because you see me and realize that I do the same things I’ve always done,” he said.

Life Gets Better With Age

Renee pregnant on the left and xray of baby on the right

estefi_pasquini / Instagram

estefi_pasquini / Instagram

Let this story be your reminder that life is exactly as you make it. You’re never too old or too young to make your dreams come true and find your own version of happiness. We’re all on our own timeline. Alberto hopes to live to be 105 to see his young son graduate. “I won’t be able to be like a young man of 30 can be, that’s for sure, but I’ll do what I can do.”

In fact, Alberto has a find to stay alive in Emilio’s life even after he’s gone: “I got him a phone with a line and I send him WhatsApp messages and record stories, send him photos and tell him what I’m doing.”

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