If She Has These 5 Qualities, Don’t Let Her Go

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Let’s start this out by saying that each woman is unique in her set of qualities, and all women have a lot to offer. Yet in every relationship, there are some key qualities that give it a solid foundation and make it easier to build on. Women with the following qualities are catches and whoever finds one with all of them is one lucky person. Meeting them is usually unexpected and can almost feel like a dream. Once you find one, you won’t want to let her go.

As for the women, out how many of these qualities apply to you and which you would like to work on in your growth journey.

She Knows How To Compromise

woman holding plant in mud

Nikola Kavanovic / Unsplash

Nikola Kavanovic / Unsplash

One lie we tell ourselves is that things will always be as they are. Humans are a lot more complex than that, we grow, evolve, and change every single day from age and experience. That means that relationships also change over time and will require commitment.

This woman holds up to that commitment. She makes some sacrifices and takes the time to figure out what compromises need to be made to make the relationship last in the most loving way.

She Laughs At Your Jokes

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Giorgio Trovato / Unsplasj

Giorgio Trovato / Unsplasj

This is a woman who doesn’t take life too seriously and has enough of a free spirit to go with the flow. This is a woman who doesn’t pretend to laugh at your jokes but she genuinely appreciates your sense of humor and loves to have a good time with you.

She makes for a great life partner who makes life fun, not dull. She shows her support not only by listening, and sharing your humor, but translates it into important matters as well.

She Calls You Out When You’re Wrong

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Joanna Nix Walkup / Unsplash

Joanna Nix Walkup / Unsplash

A strong woman is not afraid to speak her mind and call out a wrong when she sees one. She is aware of her needs and holds her relationship to a high standard. She does not avoid confrontation only to result in passive-aggressive behavior, but deals with obstacles head-on with effective communication.

As much as she is supportive towards her partner, she also will call them out when they’re falling down the wrong path. She can be counted on for her wisdom.

She Values Her Independence

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Andrew Furtado / Unsplash

Andrew Furtado / Unsplash

​This is a woman who does not see her partner as her only means of happiness. She values her partner without them being the center of her world. This allows for her relationship to not fall into codependency and become toxic.

She has her own interests, hobbies, and friends and she takes time to indulge in them as part of her self-care. This allows her to reenergize so that she can fully be present in her relationships without ever depending on or resenting her partner.

She Feels Like Home

man and woman reading a book in bed

Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

The best kind of woman will make you feel warm and at home wherever you are because she is home to you. There is something special about knowing that at the end of everyday, no matter how well or badly it went, the woman that you love is waiting for you.

Relationships with this kind of woman simply feel natural and comforting. She allows you to be completely yourself, as she is confident and comfortable with herself as well.

Bonus: She Likes You

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Cody Black / Unsplash

Cody Black / Unsplash

If a woman has chosen you, apart from all the rest, to be the one that she puts her time, effort, and affection into, then you’re already quite lucky. A woman with all these qualities doesn’t need to settle and she is not desperate.

She is not using you to fill a void but actually wants a meaningful relationship with you. That means that if she truly likes you then she is able to see your worth and potential. That’s already worth keeping.

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