If Spiders Keep Appearing In Your Life, This Is What It Means

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Spiders have a varied history, as they’ve been both revered by the public and also shunned out of fear. For how small they are, they take up a lot of mental energy in the collective consciousness, the first indicator of their true power.

With their many symbolic representations, spiders can act as animal spirit guides, assisting us to reach our highest potential. From understanding our boundaries to interpreting our subconscious energy, spiders can orchestrate a deeper level of understanding when it comes to our spiritual journey. Whether looking for more clarity or to unlock your true self, listen to the energy of spiders – they’re here to help.

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Animal Symbolism

The concept of animal symbolism is a widely accepted phenomenon not only in the world of spiritualism but in pop culture too. Symbolism assigned to animals can range from positive traits, such as strength and resilience, to negative attributes, such as foolishness and greed. We can see that certain animals, such as snakes and birds, are frequently used as symbols and metaphors in various cultural or folklore stories.

A collection of animals in an African savanna, with some giraffes, a lion, and what appears to be species of buffalo and gazelle.
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Every animal has the potential to represent the facets of human life or present warnings about struggles to come should they appear frequently. Some animals even encompass both, relying heavily on the context of your life to be correctly interpreted.

When thinking about animal symbolism, we often think about majestic, beautiful animals such as lions, eagles, wolves, or horses. Still, when I say every animal can be representative of something, I do mean every animal.

That Of The Spider

Even our tiniest, and some would say creepiest, of our Earthly companions, such as the spider.

A silhouette of a spider standing in its web.
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Spiders are a very common sight in our environment and our lives, speaking into corners of our homes and popping up when we least expect them. They’re imperative to various ecosystems, eating pests and keeping other bug infestations down, making them invaluable to have around even if they are a little spooky.

Spiders can also represent many things depending on their context and the situation they appear in. We often use them to represent a sense of fear and doom, but that’s not entirely accurate, as it’s usually one’s fear of spiders clouding their judgment. Let’s take a look at what spiders truly represent so we can feel better when we spot them.


Firstly, spiders can represent creativity as they are incredibly adept at constructing complex webs that can capture unsuspecting prey. This is a testament to the spiders’ technical know-how, which can be seen as a kind of creative outlet, especially given how artful their webs can appear.

A spider standing inside its circular web formation.
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Also, spiders themselves demonstrate many other creative behaviors beyond web-building. Different species of spiders implement different tactics for capturing their meals, such as the trapdoor spider, who creates small pits with doors they hide themselves in to grab prey walking by.

If you’re seeing spiders frequently, it may be representative that your creative juices are flowing and you ought to capitalize on that in the moment.


Spiders are also a symbol of great resourcefulness. This small creature can survive and thrive in almost any environment with the help of its innovative prowess. Beyond their differing methods of capturing prey, which we discussed already, they also have an incredible ability to adapt to their surroundings by changing their size, coloring, and movement to suit the needs of their habitat.

A spider standing inside a leaf.
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All of these attributes show great resourcefulness and determination to survive, which is something to be admired. Despite their size, spiders know just how to utilize their environments to remain one of nature’s most dangerous predators. For insects, anyway.

Seeing spiders frequently could be a reminder that you’re not using all that’s available around you in order to grow into your best self.


Speaking of growing into one’s best self, spiders have long been associated with transformation and rebirth. In much of mythology and folklore spiders have a strategic role to play in the cycles of new life. In many cultures spiders are seen as being connected to cycles of creation and destruction, being able to bridge the gap between one state and the other. In this way spiders represent the creative process of transformation, as they show us how we all have the capacity to be reborn into something new.

A spider standing on the underside of its web.
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In the natural world, spiders also shed exoskeletons as they grow larger, quite literally discarding their past selves as they become stronger. With power, age, and ability, they release that which no longer serves them.

In this case, seeing spiders frequently may be a sign that it’s time to let go of something that’s making you feel stuck or cramped in your current self.


Okay, not every spider association is positive. Spiders are often used as a symbol to represent anxiety. They can be seen as both frightening and mysterious creatures which can bring a feeling of great unease, and they’re an incredibly common fear in modern society. A spider’s unpredictable behavior and long, thin limbs can evoke fear and can leave a person feeling on edge.

A closeup of a spider.
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The imagery of sticky spider webs is often used to capture the idea of feeling overwhelmed and stuck in an anxious state for a period of time. When we come into contact with a spider, it can cause our panic levels to rise, making it another visual representation of anxiety.

Seeing spiders often can not only trigger anxiety in those who generally aren’t fans of the creature, but can represent that you’re moving through life holding onto too much anxiety as well.


Spiders have long been seen as a symbol of interconnectedness. This is due to the intricate web-like webs that they weave. The web design is not coincidental, but rather a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living things and the idea that everything is connected.

A small yellow spider standing in a rain-covered web.
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The web also speaks to the idea that even the smallest or smallest of creatures can play a major role in sustaining life. The spider’s web can be seen as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of the universe and how all things are able to interact with one another, but can represent the web of our lives, with all its complexities, intricacies, and how it all holds together to form something larger.

With this in mind, seeing spiders often in your life can be seen as the universe sending you a reminder that you’re connected to a much larger system than you think, and that your role in the world is imperative because of it.

Spiders Crawling On You

Where you see the spiders in question can also have great influence on what the world is trying to tell you by sending them your way.

A spider crawling along someone's arm.
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For example, if you find that spiders are already crawling on you or on your person when you notice them, it might mean that people in your space are infringing on your physical space or energetic boundaries. These people could be sending you negative vibes and interfering with your curated peace.

Think about possibly damaging people in your life and whether or not it’s feasible to cut them out. If spiders keep reappearing in your life, this may be a sign that you’re highly receptive to other people’s energy, but that it’s currently smothering you. Perhaps the spider is here to help you control this gift and understand how to better tap into it.

Spiders In Your Home

People are more likely to think negatively of spiders if they find them within their own home, considering it an intrusion of sorts. If you’re mostly seeing spiders in your home rather than the great outdoors, it can mean that your sense of stability has been thrown off kilter and you need to recollect so you can ground yourself. Spiders appearing in your house are asking you to bolster up your personal power in the place where you need it most, your home.

A spider dangling from a single web thread it's spinning.
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You have to be able to feel safe at home before you can feel safe anywhere else, and that’s what the spider’s presence serves to remind you. By making your house a tranquil and accepting zone for you to express your true self is the backbone for achieving spiritual well-being.

Spider In Your Bed

There are even more specific places within the home where a spider’s presence has another layer of meaning, such as in your bed. Spiders are closely linked to the astral realm, which is why they can feel like such mysterious creatures. Spiders in the astral give power to stitch together your intuition from your dreams with your conscious realization.

An orange spider standing in the center of its web, spinning more.
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They assist you in understanding the messages inside your dreams, and increase your understanding of the greater meaning when you wake up. If you’re encouraged by astral energy coming from spiders, it’s wise to log your dreams and use their guardian presence as a guiding force for interpreting them.

All that said, spiders in bed can also be frightening and anxiety-inducing when you’re woken up. If you awaken from a terrifying dream and see a spider in your bed, it could be a sign you’re dealing with deep emotional issues like stress, low self-esteem, or feelings of powerlessness.

Spiders In Your Dreams

While on the topic of spiders as astral creatures, let’s discuss what it means if you see one (or many) in your dreams. Dreaming of spiders speaks of the creative ideas and insights you are holding in your energetic realm. It’s like a spider web that captures and stores both your positive and negative thoughts.

A closeup of a spider with one front arm raised in the air.
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Observing your emotions upon awakening will provide clarity as to why spiders are appearing in your dreams and whether or not they’re representing positive or negative energies. If you feel enlivened, creative, and spiritually awakened after a dream involving spiders, it can be a symbol of spirit assisting you to unleash your full potential, or a sign of their guidance.

If fear is the dominating feeling after a spider dream, it likely means there’s a deeply entrenched sense of insecurity in your heart. You’re holding too much space in your core for doubt, especially that related to identity, self-expression, and confidence.

All That Spiders Bring

Spiders, in all their creepy, crawly glory, hold a special kind of energy and wisdom. They are symbols of power and self-expression, and can often be guides to help us manage our abilities, reminding us that we have all the resources we need at our disposal, we just have to harness them.

A closeup of a tarantula.
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By inviting spiders into our space, we embrace their special energy and use it to help us grow spiritually. With an understanding of this special connection, we can use all of our divine gifts to unlock our highest potential and rid ourselves of the anxieties that keep us down.

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