If You Answer “Yes” To 5 Or More Of These Statements, You Are An Indigo Child, Here’s What It Means

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Have you heard of the term “indigo” child before? Indigo Children can be any age, but sometimes it takes them a while to realize that they’re special. Indigo children are basically lightworkers. They’re motivated by good, and can’t stand to see anyone around them in pain. They have such an overwhelming empathetic ability that makes them sensitive and even restless.

While being an Indugo child may have its pros and cons, it’s ultimately an intuitive balance between light and dark that can lead to really rewarding and fulfilling lives and to people who have the power to make an impact on everyone they meet.

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First Thing’s First: What Is An Indigo Child?

man holding blue smoke over cliff

Kristopher Allison / Unsplash

Kristopher Allison / Unsplash

The term “indigo children” was first coined in the 1970s by the writer and aura reader Nancy Ann Tappe. As the story goes, parents brought their children to her and she started to notice that some of them had some kind of indigo-colored aura surrounding them. This gave them a unique energy field.

These children grew up to show signs of being more spiritually mature than the other children around them. They even displayed such deep empathy and strong intuition, that they could cross the line into psychic abilities. Basically, these were really special children that were meant to fulfill a big purpose. They have the capacity to live by their own rules and break down toxic systems. They naturally bring love and justice to those around them and on a large scale can leave a significant mark on the world.