If You Answer “Yes” To 5 Or More Of These Statements, You Are An Indigo Child, Here’s What It Means

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Have you heard of the term “indigo” child before? Indigo Children can be any age, but sometimes it takes them a while to realize that they’re special. Indigo children are basically lightworkers. They’re motivated by good, and can’t stand to see anyone around them in pain. They have such an overwhelming empathetic ability that makes them sensitive and even restless.

While being an Indugo child may have its pros and cons, it’s ultimately an intuitive balance between light and dark that can lead to really rewarding and fulfilling lives and to people who have the power to make an impact on everyone they meet.

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First Thing’s First: What Is An Indigo Child?

man holding blue smoke over cliff

Kristopher Allison / Unsplash

Kristopher Allison / Unsplash

The term “indigo children” was first coined in the 1970s by the writer and aura reader Nancy Ann Tappe. As the story goes, parents brought their children to her and she started to notice that some of them had some kind of indigo-colored aura surrounding them. This gave them a unique energy field.

These children grew up to show signs of being more spiritually mature than the other children around them. They even displayed such deep empathy and strong intuition, that they could cross the line into psychic abilities. Basically, these were really special children that were meant to fulfill a big purpose. They have the capacity to live by their own rules and break down toxic systems. They naturally bring love and justice to those around them and on a large scale can leave a significant mark on the world.

“I Don’t Like Following The Rules”

Redlight hanging from poll  from an angle showing the sky above it

Tim Guow / Unsplash

Tim Guow / Unsplash

Do you find rules to be too constraining? On one hand, you understand that they’re meant to provide structure and order to a world that could otherwise be chaotic but on the other hand, you find chaos to be unavoidable anyway. You would much rather have the freedom to pursue your true potential than to feel stuck living in a box, working the same 9-5 every single day until your life wastes away.

Indigo children in a way are considered rebels but it doesn’t come from a bad place. Their difficulty with doing what is expected of them is due to their desire to be unique and live out their own truth, not one that is imposed on them because it’s what everyone else does.

“I Always Feel Like I’m On The Search For Something ‘More'”

man hiking by mountain

Oziel Gomez / Unsplash

Oziel Gomez / Unsplash

Indigo Children are motivated by the “why” They don’t want to blindly follow the dictated life path only to feel like they didn’t actually live a fulfilling or meaningful life. They’re always in a state of curiosity and this can be observed from their early days as children. They constantly look for the driving factor and the “why” behind things. They’re natural inquisitors, always trying to understand why people behave the way they do, and what they would need to live better.

They then lead by example. They live their lives in search of their own “home” rather than conform to society’s standard and never truly feel authentic. They might move a lot or have a particular passion for travel. They often occupy caretaker or scientific job roles like therapists or nurses. They have a longing to find their purpose and to be most helpful to the people around them.

“I Like To Keep My Close Circle Small”

woman hugs man tightly with eyes closed

Natalie Runnerstrom / Unsplash

Natalie Runnerstrom / Unsplash

Indigo children really value deep meaningful connections. Their friendships are not in quantity but in quality. once they find their people they’re extremely loyal and will go to any length to make sure they’re happy. They find small talk shallow and socializing to be boring. They can usually vibe out how a connection will play out from the first time they meet someone. They have a natural ability to read body language and sense the aura of others.

This makes them great judges of characters. They can’t explain how but they can just tell if someone has bad intentions or is lying to them, and if someone will add light to their life. They tend to get really close to people fast once they find the right ones. In love, this makes them fall hard and fast once they find someone special, and gives the need to hold onto those connections tightly.

“I Often Feel Misunderstood By Others”

man sits by the water looking sad and pushing his hair up with his hands

Nathan Cowley / Pexels

Nathan Cowley / Pexels

​One of the most beautiful qualities of Indigos is that they accept people for who they are so they have a hard time when others don’t return the favor. Because of their uniqueness and inability to conform, they are sometimes excluded and rejected. Rather than embrace them as different, people will often think they’re too sensitive, or too emotional, or too stubborn and give up on them rather than accept them.

On the other hand, Indigo children make great advocates. They have no problem standing up for what they think is right even if met with a lot of opposition.

“I Know Things About Others Just By Feeling Them”

man with eyes close stands under blue sky

Kelvin Valerio / Pexels

Kelvin Valerio / Pexels

Indigo children have a naturally empathetic and intuitive ability that gives them to capacity to know things just by feeling them. They’re able to sense someone else’s energy or know something is going to happen without an actual reason or explanation. This is sometimes perceived as a psychic ability.

This ability is both a blessing and a curse. While it allows them to read people easily, it also burdens them with taking on everyone else’s baggage on top of their own. When they sense someone else’s pain, they struggle with separating it from their own. They can sometimes lose themselves to the pain of others and blur the boundaries they need to protect themselves. They are loyal to a fault and forgive easily, even when it’s not necessarily deserved because they want to see the good in others.

“I Can’t Seem To Stay Put In One Place”

hand over map and notebook pointing to a place on the map

Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Indigos are creative by nature. Many of them end up with natural talent in creative realms like writing, painting, sculpting, photography in music They have a clear vision in their mind but one that doesn’t translate into the kind of structured world we live in. Their vision is fluid and free so the easiest way to express it is through art.

This also makes them want to discover the world and see as much of it as possible to keep those creative juices flowing. They feel like they’re missing out if they stay in one place too long.

“I Have A Clear Distinction Between What I Consider Right And Wrong”

rocks piled up balanced by the sea

Jeremy Thomas / Unsplash

Jeremy Thomas / Unsplash

The older Indigos get the more set they are in their ways. They don’t mean to be stubborn but they are guided by their own moral compass. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and aren’t easily influenced by the opinions of other.

Sometimes this can even make them rebellious. They might get into trouble at school. It comes from a place of restlessness and not from wanting to cause trouble. Eventually, these children grow up to want to make a difference by actively trying to right as many wrongs as they have the means to.

Your Purpose

hand pops out of lake water holding sprinkler

Kristopher Roller / Unsplash

Kristopher Roller / Unsplash

Indigo children are people with old souls. They naturally vibrate on a high frequency that rubs off on others. They push people around them out of their comfort zone and into growth. They are meant to bring peace and love which naturally radiates from them. They are proof that every little bit can make a difference.

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