If You Have An ‘M’ On Your Palm, You Might Be Very Special

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Palm reading, astrology, tarot cards, tea leaves, rune casting—there are many different ways that people go about telling the future. Often, they’ll swear by one method, deeming it the king of divination and the only true way to predict future events. Some people follow multiple practices, combining them to get a greater look at what lies ahead.

These divining methods can do much more than tell you what may come to be, though. They can also provide insight into what’s already happened, who you’ve already become, and what traits you’ve had since your very birth.

If you’re looking for more information on your life and your individual sign, then you’ll need your own zodiac reading. We’re each on our own unique path and what some struggle with this season, might not be applicable to you too.

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Showing Skin

The art of palm reading, or palmistry, has been around for centuries now. To believe in palmistry is to believe that the lines and creases on your hands spell out facts, futures, and traits inherent to your life, present from the day you were born.

Someone getting both their palms read over a table with tarot cards and crystals.
Pexels / Mikhail Nilov
Pexels / Mikhail Nilov

There are specific shapes and sequences in the lines of your palms that indicate special, rare characteristics, only found in a small subset of the population. To see if you contain these features, there’s no need to visit a professional palm reader, you can look for yourself!

Tell-Tale Tracks

One of the shapes that can naturally appear in your hand is that of the letter ‘M’. When looking at your right hand, it would appear in the upper right portion of your palm, or the upper left portion of your left hand. It all depends on how your heart, head, life, and fate lines connect with one another.

Old Tarot hand showing the zones and palmistry markings of the palm and fingers standing upright on a wooden shelf against a dark wall with copyspace
Envato / Photology75
Envato / Photology75

But what exactly does it mean, and why does it make someone special if they have it?

In The Spotlight

The M mark is made up of the other major lines on the hand, so it’s said that when they all connect, it’s the mark of an extraordinary person. The intersecting of such areas indicates a fortunate life led by a person with exemplary discipline; one who is filled with motivation to chase their truest passions.

Someone holding out their hand in front of a lit up background.
Unsplash / Jordan Whitfield
Unsplash / Jordan Whitfield

Others may find these people incredibly captivating, having a personality that charms everyone they meet. They also have a wonderful sense of intuition that helps guide them toward prosperity.

On The Other Hand…

All that being said, there is a difference between an M on your right hand and an M on your left hand. More specifically, it depends if the M is on your dominant or non-dominant hand.

Someone holding out their hand in front of a white wall.
Pexels / Juan Pablo
Pexels / Juan Pablo

An M on your dominant hand brings about all the above traits and more. You’ll find that you possess great confidence in many areas of your life and aren’t afraid to forge forward and demand what you desire, forgoing the opinions and judgements of others.

Silver Linings

An M on your non-dominant hand denotes the opposite. It can actually be a signifier of misfortune throughout one’s life, quite the difference compared to your dominant hand.

Someone getting their pam read over a white table.
Getty Images via Canva
Getty Images via Canva

That doesn’t mean you’ll actually be eternally doomed to bad luck though. Really, it’s more so that you’ll have to work harder to achieve the same ease that M-dominants seem to have. It’s possible you might run into more roadblocks, but pushing through them will make you a stronger person in the end.

Why Is This The Case?

The difference between dominant and non-dominant palm readings is that when you read your dominant hand, you’re looking at the journey of your life. That’s the person you became and are still becoming, and it indicates your potential areas of success.

Someone's palm with a strip of rainbow lighting across it.
Pexels / Valeria Boltneva
Pexels / Valeria Boltneva

Reading a non-dominant hand is more of an indicator of the personality traits you were born with. It’s not the journey but the fixed variables gifted to you when you were given life, the characteristics that aid you in the journey present on your dominant hand.

It’s Your Journey

The choice to believe in any form of divination is exactly that: a choice. If it’s not a system you think serves you, then you’re not obligated to pay attention to it! Especially if it only brings you stress. You’re allowed to let go and take life as it comes instead of predicting it.

A neon sign in a window advertising palm readings.
Getty Images Signature via Canva
Getty Images Signature via Canva

That goes for things such as palm readings and even this letter M phenomenon. If having that M on your dominant hand makes you feel good and confident about yourself, that’s great! You should cherish that feeling. If it makes you feel insecure, then you don’t need to pay it any mind.

The best way to ensure a future that you love is to take the practical steps needed to get there. No amount of palm readings or star charts will get in your way.

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