If You’re In Love, Saturday’s Promising Stability And Tuesday’s Full Moon Will Shake Up Relationships For All Zodiacs

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Weekly Horoscopes June 13th – 19th, 2022

Thinking-planet Mercury moves into its home sign of Gemini on Monday, ushering in a period of quick thinking, cleverness, wit, and curiosity. This energy thrives on multitasking, flitting quickly from one interest or project to another.

Tuesday’s Full Moon is in Sagittarius, a very adventurous and optimistic sign. This is an excellent day for stepping out of your comfort zone. Dare to do something different, push against the boundaries, or push your body in a challenging workout.

If you’re in love, Saturday’s square between Venus and Saturn could be promising as it brings stability and endurance to all kinds of partnerships.

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Give your curiosity free reign this week, Aries – the more varied interests tasks you can pursue, the happier you’ll be. Avoid boredom like the plague because it will suck your enthusiasm and drive, leaving you depressed and listless.

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David De Lossy / Photo Images Via Canva Pro
David De Lossy / Photo Images Via Canva Pro

Adrenaline sports will be appealing during the Full Moon on Tuesday, although be careful not to allow your reckless streak to ignore safety procedures. This is a good moment for travel too, especially travel connected to study or education.

Saturday’s square between Venus and Saturn can be good news for your fluctuating finances, but avoid either lending to or borrowing from a close friend.