6 Immature Dating Habits Everyone Needs To Drop

As we age, we hopefully mature and change. We start to recognize our needs better and aren't into wasting time like we used to. Today's dating scene is very casual and that's fine.

You don't need to order a limo and wear a tux or cocktail dress, but try to make the dates you go on special. You can easily do this by being more sincere with your actions.

Below we have gathered some do's and don'ts for impressing your dating partner. Try to apply each one to your situation and personality in such a way that it doesn't detract from showing off your personality.

These tips should accentuate your personality and efficiently debut your genuine nature.

'Wait And See' Method

As you age, you realize how precious time is, and how little of it you truly have. Looking back on your life it feels like you were just in high school or college.

Earlier in life we believed we equated the 'rest of our life' with infinity. Now, we understand that we need to take advantage of the now, in a flash tomorrow will be here and our decisions irreversible.

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'I Wait 3 Days To Call' Or 'I'll Wait 4 Minutes Before I Text Back'

'If I give him my number, he has to call me first', or waiting three to four days to call a person after you get their number, are old standards of dating.

There is no general rule of thumb to dictate timing or action. By now you should be doing what feels right and is respectful.

Vague Texts Like 'Hey, Wanna Meet Up?' Need To Stop

You need to be honest and clear with yourself and the people in your life. 'Meeting up' isn't a date, neither is Netflix and chill, grabbing coffee or going out with a bunch of your friends. Plan out a date, and ask them if they want to come.

Looking At Your Phone On A Date

Stay off your phone as much as you can when on a date. Give the other person 100 percent of your attention. Imagine you are out to a date with someone and their phone keeps going off.

Its as though someone keeps coming up to your date, whispering in their ear. You would be concerned, thinking the other person very rude.

Wasting Time On People You Aren't Into

Stop trying to make things work with people you don't connect with. We sometimes get these expectations of who we should be dating, instead of looking for someone we truly enjoy being around.

Listen to your heart and examine how you feel. If your relationship requires justifications and conceptualization, it probably isn't the relationship for you.

Splitting The Tab

The person that suggested dinner or a date should be the one that pays. Picking up the tab is a token of appreciation and shouldn't really be about the money.

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Over 250 Amish Men Carried A Metal Barn With Their Bare Hands To Its New Location

It's incredible what humankind can accomplish when they come together. What is impossible to do alone is made possible when we come into harmony. We create a world of endless possibilities together and are powerful in creating change. It's up to us to chose whether we use the power of team work and solidarity for good and bad.

For one amish community, a group of men, young and old, came together to accomplish a task that otherwise seemed impossible: lifting a metal barn from the ground up and moving it to a new location, Here's how it went.

The Amish Community

the amish community

Jason Rice / Youtube

The current Amish community is made of descendants who left their homes in Europe when faced with prosecution for their religious beliefs. Today they live in tight-knit communities all over North America. In fact, there are about 40 Amish affiliations all around the United States.

The Amish community is completely self-reliant and lives minimally. They are cautious to embrace the technologies of the modern world. They prefer not to use electricity and big machines, and instead use their own manpower. That means that to build and relocate entire structures, they only have their are hands to do it.

Men On A Mission

amish men stand on grass

Jason Rice / Youtube

It all started on a planned morning where hundreds of Amish people traveled on horse carriages, with their families, to Joseph Hochstetler's farm in Knox County, Ohio. They were all in agreement that they had one mission to complete before sundown, they were to help one of their own move their barn to a new location.

To make matters worse, the weather was cold. They were dressed in their community attire, all matching and ready to work as a unit. They had no tools at their disposal. But, not one voice was heard complaining.

Strength In Numbers

man lined up around the barn

Jason Rice / Youtube

The community was able to bring in 250 of their men together for this project. The men got into position filling up the space all around the four sides of the barn. Then together, they lifted and carried it like it was nothing as one single piece. They walked in uniform, as the women watched in awe. The way they were able to maneuver the giant structure was natural like they had done it hundreds of times before.

They gave each other pointers on where and how to straighten it to make sure the process was safe as they walked 200 feet across the field. The whole community was present, contributing where it could.

It Was A Calculated Process

grup of men carry barn

Jason Rice / Youtube

In the footage, a voice can be heard directing the group: "alright, take a hold,” while another man then yells, “Go!” The moment the barn was left was completely synchronized, and each man had a firm hold. They then carried the huge structure steadily. They reached the other side perfectly coordinated and then proceeded with the next step: rotating the barn clockwise to position it in its new location.

It was like it was moving on its own. This moment was met with awe from the community. A woman was heard asking "You see all the feet moving?" in amazement. The men then proceeded to lower the barn back on the ground. No one was injured even though the risk of crushing your hands seems high.

A Record Time

grup of amish men walking with barn

Jason Rice / Youtube

Believe it or not, the entire process took less than five minutes. Despite being an incredible risk, and even arguably dangerous job, no one gave up and no injuries were reported. The community, young and old, had figured out how to work in complete harmony. This is common in the Amish community where when one member needs help, their neighbors generously lend a hand.

Since the community refrains from power tools, they have an incredible ability at using their bare hands. In 2018, another video surfaced in Ohia showing the incredible moment Amish men surrounded and picked up a pole barn in order to similarly move it from one location to the other.

The Power Of Community

amish community stands watching the barn

Jason Rice / Youtube

This inspirational story is a testament to the power of community. Together we can move mountains. We truly have an incredible potential to make positive changes in the world if we come together. Friendship and community bring out our kind human nature.

We all long to connect and feel a part of something. We've become so distracted with our own success that we've lost sight of how much further we can go if we do it together.

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