6 Immature Dating Habits Everyone Needs To Drop

'Wait And See' Method

As you age, you realize how precious time is, and how little of it you truly have. Looking back on your life it feels like you were just in high school or college.

Earlier in life we believed we equated the 'rest of our life' with infinity. Now, we understand that we need to take advantage of the now, in a flash tomorrow will be here and our decisions irreversible.

'I Wait 3 Days To Call' Or 'I'll Wait 4 Minutes Before I Text Back'

'If I give him my number, he has to call me first', or waiting three to four days to call a person after you get their number, are old standards of dating.

There is no general rule of thumb to dictate timing or action. By now you should be doing what feels right and is respectful.

Vague Texts Like 'Hey, Wanna Meet Up?' Need To Stop

You need to be honest and clear with yourself and the people in your life. 'Meeting up' isn't a date, neither is Netflix and chill, grabbing coffee or going out with a bunch of your friends. Plan out a date, and ask them if they want to come.

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