There Are Four Very Important Words In Life

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In your life, you’ll find your path splits and that you as a person grow. Sometimes there are some pains that go along with that growth.

You may not realize it, but these are 5 signs you’re outgrowing your life.

1. You’re just not enjoying your life.

If you’re not happy, it’s a strong sign your soul is ready for you to move onto something else.

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It may be time to rethink what your priorities and goals are and think about some lifestyle tweaks that have been on your agenda.

2. You’re taking to self-destructive behaviors.

In an attempt to deal with frustration, anger and stress, you may find yourself trying to suffocate your feelings with self-destruction.

Turning to things like drugs and alcohol, casual intimacy, and the avoidance of problems aren’t good things to do and are also strong signals that it’s time for a serious change.