This Is What Happens When You Rub Your Index Finger For 60 Seconds


Massaging your thumb for sixty seconds helps the heart and lungs. It can aid in healing from a nasty cold and shortness of breath. It can also deal with issues of the heart, figuratively and literally.

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Middle finger.

It's not just for telling off bad drivers you know! The middle finger is connected to insomnia and peace of mind. If you're up late at night and can't sleep or feel uneasy, rub the middle finger for 60 seconds. It'll help put you at ease.

Ring finger.

By rubbing your ring finger, you help facilitate healthy lymph nodes. Your lymphatic system is in charge of moving the toxic sludge from our bodies through our filtering organs. Rubbing the ring finger helps keep the lymphatic system healthy.

Little finger.

If you've got a pain in the neck that can't be cured by a quick trip to an adoption agency, try massaging your little finger for a minute. Your little finger and palms are connected to your nerves, and by rubbing them, you calm your nerves. This helps relieve neck and back pains.

Index finger.

Rubbing the index finger for 60 seconds helps relieve issues with the stomach and colon. If you suffer IBS, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, or any similar issue, the index finger is your guide to healing.

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