3 Ways To Tell If Your Child Is An Indigo Child

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The term “Indigo Child” is somewhat new, having only entered our consciousness in the past few decades. These children are gifted with intuitiveness, are incredibly perceptive, and some would argue are spiritually awakened.

Indigo Children bless the Earth with their footsteps during times of great tribulation.

It could be argued that humanity is in trouble, that the Earth is suffering, and that a new breed of leaders is desperately needed. Leaders who can lead us away from this destructive lifestyle.

The internet is full of articles about Indigo Children, notably geared toward parents in an effort to teach them how to spot these kids.

In a world where every parent desperately clings to the idea that their child is so special and gifted, some have begun to redefine who Indigo Children are to please these kinds of parents.

If your child has trouble concentrating on boring things and is hyperactive: congratulations. You have a child. Being an Indigo Child is more than that though.

The First Clear Sign

An Indigo Child is that they are wise beyond their years, seemingly inexplicably. They seem to get along with adults way better than children. They’re peaceful and try to make the best of any situation.

At school, they’re picked on for being insightful and the pet of every teacher. This insightfulness doesn’t mean that they’re smarter than the other kids, but it’s a likely indication that they have lived previous lives.

They’ve been reincarnated to teach the world their knowledge, the sum of thousands of years of living.