6 Things Only An INFJ Will Understand

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You rarely have strong connections.

For an INFJ, strong human connections aren’t terribly common. Half the time, they are with fictional characters in books. Most of your best friends are in books.

You’re an ambivert.

People peg you as an introvert one minute and an extrovert the next. You’re a true ambivert. You’re a little of both worlds. You want a vibrant social life but you also want quiet moments alone with a cup of coffee and a good book.

You hate working.

Working for money just seems like such a dumb waste of your time to you. Of course the realistic part of you gets a job to pay bills, but you often imagine a utopian society where no one has to work and we can all sit around drinking coffee and reading books.

You overthink every social situation.

INFJ is the ultimate overthinker. You can’t let a social situation just play out. No, you have to go over it in your head like a jillion times before you can feel secure. And you almost never feel secure.

You have trouble putting thoughts into words.

It’s not always easy to put thoughts into words for you. Your thoughts are often so complex and jumbled that it’s hard to figure out what exactly you want to say.

You can fit in just about anywhere.

At the end of the day, you’re a flexible person who can fit in with just about any crowd. Use this to your advantage!

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