Discover The Inner Color Of Your Soul

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The Meaning Of Your Aura

A Black Aura: Your aura is a very cautious and protective one. This color of aura means that your soul likes to shield itself in a barrier that separates itself from the outside world. This gives you a feeling of comfort as your feelings and emotions are entirely protected as well as hiding your deepest insecurities or your lack of self confidence. You are not sure how to handle power or control, keeping things for yourself rather than giving it back to others. However, you are a very strong being. Very sophisticated, controlled and sometimes aloof.

A Green Aura: Your aura is one that craves for balance within the heart as well as emotions. Your soul prefers to keep an equilibrium between your heart and your head. You have a very unique understanding of what it means to be right or wrong, your ego being the only thing that allows you to give others love and nurture without a question in mind. However, there are other times where you can be seen as materialistic or possibly possessive.

A White Aura: Your aura is the epitome of innocence. You feel wholeness with the world around you, both the negatives and the positives that we experience every single day of our lives. Your soul craves for equality, you prefer to give others fairness as well as neutrality. Your independence is a very valued piece of yourself. However, there are times where you appear to be critical and or unimaginative.