Instant Karma: Texas Man Shoots Armadillo, Bullet Ricochets Back Into His Face

Talk about instant karma... A Texas man was airlifted to a nearby hospital around 3 a.m. local time thursday morning after being struck by his own bullet.

Cass County Sheriff Larry Rowe said the man went outside his house in Marietta, spotted the armadillo on his property and began taking shots at it.

"His wife was in the house. He went outside and took his .38 revolver and shot three times at the armadillo," Rowe said.

The man fired three times, of which at least on was deflected by the animal's rock hard shell, which then struck the man in the jaw.

He was taken to the hospital to have his jaw wired shut. The status of the animal is unknown.

"We didn't find the armadillo," the sheriff said.

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