11 Incredibly Useful Skills Every Introvert Has Mastered (Without Even Knowing It)

We have a rising number of people with social disorders like anxiety. Being acknowledged as a similar creature, people with introverted personalities are gaining more recognition.

While the internet and media do their part to integrate theses characters into the mainstream, there are still many misconceptions. As more people identify with these traits, they are coming to celebrate the things that make them different. Below is a list of some of those celebrated traits.

Seeing Texts At The Most Convenient Of Times

'Oh no! I got this too late, I guess I'll have to catch up with you later.' Is an all too frequent response. In fairness, you were probably working up to a reply and got caught up. The ability to screen for identity, and draw out the expected length of time to answer, is a reason they always text.

Pretending You Didn't See That Casual Acquaintance

We all do it, but the stakes are higher for an introvert or anxious person. They are avoiding eye contact, stooping lower and suddenly getting very interested on a spot on the wall, for reasons more serious than others. Seeing a person they didn't prepare to see, in a public environment is enough to legitimately stress someone out. More than just stress, they can be horrified they'll say something dumb or do anything to embarrass themselves. If you see someone trying to avoid you, be a good person and 'let them get past' you.

Amusing Yourself

These personality types spend a fair amount of time alone. As a direct result, they have mastered the art of amusement. Where other people would get bored and restless, these quiet types flourish. Silence is practically a sacred music to introverts, and people with anxiety are grateful for the moment to breath and let their heart and mind catch up. They are also statistically more intelligent than most, so they can find ways to fill their time. Their relationship with being alone is different than the norm, so difference in prioritization ensures they'll be ok.

Feigning Disappointment

All the time people with different social archetypes are expressing false sadness or disappointment about something they are delighted to hear. 'The amusement park closed today for repairs', everyone moans, you do everything you can to hide your glee to not have to spend a day sweating in the sun with obnoxious kids and judgey teens around you all day. They desire different experiences than most of us. What disappoints us may be right up an introvert's of anxious person's alley.

Planning Enviable Weekend Getaways

Such grand trips as a scenic tour of the Whole Foods prepared food aisle, a riveting, private showing of modern cinematography, and an exclusive, underwear, disco party with your cat in your kitchen. These may not strike others as the best way to spend free time, but who's asking?I appreciate the subtlety that forms their ideas of a good time.

Always Leaving The Bar At Consistently Reasonable Hours

They are like social clocks. Their movements through the day and into the night are carefully calibrated not only to their energy levels, but sensing with a fair amount of accuracy, when things are about to get crazy. They will consistently leave the bar well before the crowd gets 'LIT', and shortly after the happy hour concludes.

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