11 Things Introverts Are The Best At

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Introverts are gaining a lot of attention and examination in the last decade. Carl Jung identified the unique psychological and physical traits that distinguish this particular persona.

They have amazingly high empathetic and strong intellectual processes that make them a treasure of sorts in this modern age of apathy, disconnection and ignorance. Like all people, they have difficulty at times, and just like everyone else they use their unique gifts and strengths to learn and get back up.

Having Amazing and Deep Conversations

Small talk is not a friend to the introvert. It has no purpose but to pass time and verify that the participants are a type of human. They excel at genuine and real conversations. Intelligent, empathetic, and understanding, introverts will readily explore relevant or interesting topics Their unique charisma makes it so people often have no trouble opening up, often unexpectedly confiding more than they may have originally intended.