8 Unique Ways Introverts Interact With The World

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Carl Jung was a leading psychiatrist that notably categorized people into different categories depending on how they think, behave and prioritize when compared to others.

Like many archetypes and categories, society focuses on introversion and extroversion and introverts are often misunderstood.

It is estimated that anywhere from a quarter to half of America’s population is categorized as introverted, it is important to know the differences and reasons behind our neighbor’s actions.

Through understanding, accepting and respecting our differences, we function as a more productive society. Below are some of the more significant differences.

They Withdraw In Crowds

Crowds are loud, congested, and very stimulating sensorily. The threshold of stimulation for introverts is lower than extroverts. This overstimulating leaves them feeling drained and irritable. Taking meticulous note of their surroundings and reacting and to so many stimuli is a task or chore. Extroverts have a tendency to ‘feed’ off the situation, introverts don’t.

Small Talk Is Stressful, Genuine, And ‘Real’ Conversations Are Preferred

Small talk bores introverts. They can feel intimidated or quickly exhausted. They listen more than speak in crowds. It is not always that they are shy, rather they prioritize social interactions differently.

They can ‘feed’ off their social surroundings, but there has to be intellectually stimulating or emotionally invested content present.

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They Are Successful On Stage, Not The Engagement After

The myth that introverts are shy or not strong-willed, are exactly that, myths. Many public speakers are introverted in nature. Their detail oriented nature’s lead them to prepare very thoroughly prepare for their ‘performances’.

Once the objective is achieved they fall back into a quiet demeanor. If anything, the objectiveness manner of ‘small talk’ is why they experience problems.

They Are Easily Distracted, But Rarely Bored

Introverts pay attention to much more of the happenings of their surroundings. This sensitivity means they have more ‘mental’ threads that their mind can ‘pull’ at.

They Are Drawn Towards Creative, Detailed-Oriented, And Solitary Careers

Self-sufficient, self-driven and intellectually organized, introverts can be found on career paths that don’t force them to deal with the public. Writer, scientist, artists and behind-the-scenes technical specialists are a few of the paths introverts prefer.

They Seem To Respond Slower

When asked a question, they will consider the matter thoroughly before responding. Their neural pathways have longer paths for analysis and response. They also remember events more thoroughly, information observed is more readily placed in long term memory.

They Don’t Derive Joy From Their Environments

Extraverts get a dopamine rush from external resources, while introverts do not make that same exchange. Introverts get their ‘good feeling’ more from internal resources, though that is not to say they don’t get good feelings from the events around them.

They Hate Talking On The Phone

Introverts hate phone calls for a handful of reasons. They don’t like when they are interrupted. The high sensitivity makes it difficult enough to focus without additional distractions. The lack of body language makes them feel uncomfortable. They are very keen on paying attention to all the subtle ways people talk without talking. The lack of information is annoying.

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