7 Things Only People Who Are Neither Introverts Nor Extroverts Will Understand

Let me guess, you love big parties but you also love spending time at home with your cat drinking tea and reading books, right? You love meeting new people and making new friends but you hate small talk. You aren't an introvert or an extrovert. You're what they call an ambivert. These are things you'll only understand.

1. Extroversion breaks the monotony.

Introverts can get along fine in a solid routine mostly alone, but that's not for you. You enjoy routine, but you become an extrovert when it comes time to break out of the usual routine.

2. You want to be left alone, but...

Yes, you enjoy your time alone, but what comes after being alone? Something awesome with your friends, right? Your alone time is usually punctuated by plans to do something. You need a little bit of both.

3. You can relate to everyone.

Which at a glance is a pretty awesome thing, but it can also be kind of a pain because it makes it harder to identify who you are. But don't worry. You don't have to identify yourself if you don't want to.

4. You lose focus in isolation.

When you're alone for too long, you tend to lose focus and not be able to accomplish the things you need to anymore. Take some time to get out more routinely. It'll help keep your brain on track.

5. You can party for two days straight, but....

After a bender, music festival, or just 2 days of solid hanging out, you need your alone time big time. Sipping coffee at home with a few friends is a great way to recover.

6. You love to people watch.

It's not all about being the center of attention or being completely out of the public eye. You sometimes just enjoy falling into a period of people watching. You love to just grab a cup of coffee and take in whoever happens to be around.

7. You're the life of the party.

But only sometimes. You're only the life of the party for certain types of parties.

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