“Invisible” Privileges That Most People Don’t Notice Because They Have Them

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What is privilege? Is it your access to the internet and a screen that is allowing you to read these words? Is it the fact that you have a roof over your head, a comfortable bed to sleep in, and a job to wake up to in the morning? Maybe it’s the friends you have or the experiences that give meaning to your life. We tend to take so many of our blessings for granted that we forget that some people in the very same world we all share don’t even have access to basic needs like food and water. It’s of no fault of their own.

Some people are born into it and spend their whole lives trying to break into privilege only to never have enough resources to.

A Place To Get Some Rest

man laying in bed with elbows up ad eyes closed

Tânia Mousinho / Unsplash

Tânia Mousinho / Unsplash

“Having a safe place to sleep. I’m very privileged to have a safe place to live, and I understood it more since the start of the pandemic. Not having a safe, stable, comfortable home has to be hell when you are on lockdown. ” – ClauMoir

Rest itself is taken for granted. Most adults need 7 or more hours of good-quality sleep on a regular schedule each night but not everyone is able to take that time. Some people are working 3 jobs trying to make ends meet. But, regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, like obesity, coronary heart disease, and diabetes. not only does it shorten your life expectancy but on a psychological level, it makes you irritable, stressed, and depressed.