This Is What Your Iris Reveals About Your Health

The eyes are a window to the soul, but they could also be a window to our body's overall health. The iris is comprised of densely structured, fine, straight lines that radiate from the pupil to outer rim. When the lines are close, similar to wood, it indicates good overall health. If they're loosely spread out, you may have a weakened body.

Here's how to diagnose potential health problems.

If your pupil doesn't contract when a bright light shines into your eyes, you make have dulled nerve reflexes, weak adrenal glands, or an overstimulated sympathetic nervous system.

Nerve rings, seen as white arcs of circles around the outer part of the iris, indicate an irritated nervous system and a weakened lymphatic and circulation system.

Brown discoloration in the stomach area can indicate that the stomach is irritated and that food allergies may be an issue presently or in the near future.

Whiteness in the intestinal area indicates inflammation, irritation, and that you should avoid gluten, lactose, spices, and acidic foods.

Strong black lines will develop radiating outward from the pupil if the intestines are in seriously bad health.

Distinct markings, like browns, reds, or yellows, unusual colors, indicate that chemicals may be settling in some of your weaker organs.

A heavy white ring around the edge of the iris indicates sodium and calcium deposits. Slow down on salt consumption and drink plenty of water.

A bluish-white film covering the iris indicates poor circulation and anemia. It could also be the beginnings of a cataract.

A dark outer ring of the iris indicates that your skin is collecting accumulated wastes. This can be corrected through better kidney and liver function. Drink water and dandelion root tea.

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