Is The First Response To An Angry Person Admitting We’re Wrong? A Psychologist’s Mindful Warning

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“So what should you do when people are mad at you?” It’s a simple question you’ve probably wondered several times. Do you give them space? Do you beg for forgiveness? Do you yell back to stand your ground?

There are tips and tricks out there that can help diffuse these situations before they escalate. A professor named Ryan Martin, took to TikTok to help his community learn how to respond to angry person.

“Is Their Anger Justified?”

angerprofessor / TikTok

angerprofessor / TikTok

The first thing you should do is ask yourself: “is their anger justified?” This may be the hardest thing to do when faced with an angry person but take it from an anger researcher.

In fact, Ryan Martin is a psychologist who specializes in anger. He is known as @angerprofessor on TikTok with close to 150k followers.