Is the Man In Profile or Frontal View? The Answer Reveals Your Need For Control

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The subconscious holds the part of our minds that makes decisions without needing to actively think about them. It holds information from our experiences, past lives, DNA, and moral compass.

It’s different from the conscious mind, which encompasses the thoughts we know we are having at any given moment because it’s stuck in the present. This mind is a lot easier to access but is more limiting. To grow we need to access the subconscious mind and confront it. Tests like this allow you to access the information stored in your subconscious to make sense of who you are and why.

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We All Need A Degree Of Control

By human nature, we crave control. The more control we have the more power we convince ourselves we possess. And the more power we think have, the more confident, comfortable, and secure we feel about making decisions and going through life.

woman with scarf blindfoling her as she stands by the beach
Oscar Keys / Unsplash
Oscar Keys / Unsplash

Some people deal better with a lack of control than others. Some people spiral and attempt to desperately predict the future, and control situations that are outside their control. They are driven by anxiety over the unknown which makes it difficult for them to adapt and move forward. Others are comfortable with being in a state of flow and are adaptable to change. Let’s find out where you fall on the scale!