Is the Man In Profile or Frontal View? The Answer Reveals Your Need For Control

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The subconscious holds the part of our minds that makes decisions without needing to actively think about them. It holds information from our experiences, past lives, DNA, and moral compass.

It’s different from the conscious mind, which encompasses the thoughts we know we are having at any given moment because it’s stuck in the present. This mind is a lot easier to access but is more limiting. To grow we need to access the subconscious mind and confront it. Tests like this allow you to access the information stored in your subconscious to make sense of who you are and why.

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We All Need A Degree Of Control

By human nature, we crave control. The more control we have the more power we convince ourselves we possess. And the more power we think have, the more confident, comfortable, and secure we feel about making decisions and going through life.

woman with scarf blindfoling her as she stands by the beach
Oscar Keys / Unsplash
Oscar Keys / Unsplash

Some people deal better with a lack of control than others. Some people spiral and attempt to desperately predict the future, and control situations that are outside their control. They are driven by anxiety over the unknown which makes it difficult for them to adapt and move forward. Others are comfortable with being in a state of flow and are adaptable to change. Let’s find out where you fall on the scale!

Which View Do You See First?

Is this a profile picture of the man or a frontal picture? The first one you see can reveal surprising information about how much, or how little, control you need as you go through life.

man's half face on grey background smiling

Remember that there no right answer, the goal is simply to raise your level of introspection so that you can determine what parts of your identity are holding you back and which push you forward. While there is no “right” amount of control that a person should have, needing control can keep you trapped in comfortable loops rather than push you to take the necessary risk to achieve your potential.

If You Saw The Profile First

Control is a very important factor for you. That’s okay it’s not a bad thing necessarily. On one hand, you are a great planner, you usually can see the big picture and have an ability to problem solve quickly in order to keep your eyes on the prize.

man's profile portrait
Bright Side
Bright Side

On the flip side, you probably get anxious when you can’t predict the outcome of something. This causes you to sometimes come off as shy and modest, maybe even secretive. You would rather keep your circle small and safe than expose yourself to people who simply take up your time. You open up fully only to the close friends you have but when they get to know all of you, your advice, lack of judgment and wisdom become irreplaceable to them,

You Like To Take Life Slow

You like to go through life comfortably and gradually. You don’t like sudden change or a lot of change at once as it takes you time to process and adapt to each one. However, each time that you are pushed outside of your comfort zone, you build endurance and strength.

woman sitting on rooftop relaxing eating foot on plastic chair by umbrella in bathing suit
Photo Credit: Nappy / Pexels
Photo Credit: Nappy / Pexels

After all slow and steady is how you win the race. You take the time to think through every situation you’re put in so that you can learn its lessons and cherish its fruit. You are a deep, positive, and introspective person. You love slow but once you fall, you fall hard and give yourself fully to all your relationships.

If You Saw The Frontal First

You are quite the confident easy-going person! You might even come off as intimidating sometimes with all your charisma. You have quite an express face and have the ability to mirror back to people their thoughts ad emotions. This makes it easy for you to make friends and move up wherever you are.

man's frontal face with a smirk
Bright Side
Bright Side

Your ease in going through life makes it easier for you to surrender control. Rather than worry about events that are five steps ahead you’d rather live in the moment, seize it and see what it brings you down. Being in the moment stimulates your creativity and allows you to pursue your endeavors passionately. You’re not afraid to take risks if the reward seems worthy. Your optimism allows you freedom and self-expression and adaptability.

Life Is All About Adventure For You

You are comfortable with change and believe that life without risks is stagnant and boring. People find you inspiring and feed off your energy. You may seem like you’re all over the place but that’s because you simply want to make sure you get a taste of as much beauty of the world as possible. You look forward to new experiences wherever they may be, whether that’s going on adventurous, falling in love or suddenly packing up and moving somewhere new.

man jumps by mountain
Peter Colan / Unsplash
Peter Colan / Unsplash

To you everyday is a surprise and that’s a good thing. Why try to control something that is always flowing? For you a fulfilled life is one where you actually feel alive, not one where you’re simply living and going through the motions of a daily routine.

Learn The Patterns Of Your Need For Control

You’re changing with each moment. The person you are at the end of the article is already older, wiser, and more experienced than the person who started it so why hold yourself back by living by the rules of your past?

Three Girls with their hands up facing the sunset
Simon Maage / Unsplash
Simon Maage / Unsplash

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