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Is Your Soul Lost? Yes It's Possible, And Here's How

There is a wise saying that states: "The only good soul is a lost soul, and only a lost soul can find its way home." While losing our soul might feel like hitting rock bottom, sometimes that's how deep we need to fall to swim back to shore.

There's no reason to deny it or feel ashamed about it. Rather, we should look at it as a calling to go soul searching because the closer we align our soul with our purpose the closer we will be to our highest self. Here are the indicators of soul loss.

You've Recently Experienced Trauma

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Remember that trauma doesn't have to be a catastrophic event. Trauma is any overwhelming event such as a big move or breakup that is hard to deal with. Often when the soul doesn't know how to cope with such a big life change, it prefers to completely disassociate with it.

The soul tries to protect the body by detaching as if avoiding the issue will make it go away. When faced a need to fight or flight, it simply drives the body in a state of flight response

You're Burning Out

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​We are conditioned to want to do it all. We try to squeeze in everything from a workout, to a full-time job, and picking the kids up from school to make them dinner all in one day. It's doable for a certain period of time until it just feels exhausting. No matter how skilled we are at time management or motivated to get the entire list checked off each day, the physical body and the mind are bound to burn out at some point.

Look for signs of low energy. When the reserves of your soul are low, it can stray you away from your purpose. Your frequencies are overshadowed by your fatigue.

You Can't Figure Out Why You're Sad

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A telltale sign of a lost soul is unexplainable sadness. This basically feels like depression and makes it hard to even get out of bed in the morning. Yet, you can't figure the exact roots of the sadness.

Usually, it's because the sadness isn't linked directly to just one emotion. Rather it's accumulations of situations and experiences that have led the mind to conclude that there's no sense in trying. The soul could also be overwhelmed by the confusion of not knowing what path to take next in fear of facing those same negative experiences.,

You're Just Going With The Motions

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Those experiencing soul loss find it difficult to be present in everyday life. What's the point when today looks exactly the same as yesterday and they'll have to do it all over again tomorrow? When there's nothing to look forward to or no way to get out of the responsibilities that tomorrow brings, it can be hard to enjoy life.

A soul is lost when we feel trapped. It signals to us that it might be time to find our true purpose, so that waking up every day has a better meaning.

Blocking Out Memories

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​It's possible for a memory to be so powerful or painful that our mind completely erases it from our subconscious brain. For example, when we lose someone we loved, we might block out even the beautiful memories we once shared in an effort to protect ourselves from feeling the grief of the loss of their presences.

However memories are what give experience to the soul. The makings of our accumulated memories form our identity and give us direction.

You Feel A Pull To Finding Your Purpose

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A lost soul doesn't just give up. It pushes you to question your current environment and make you wonder why it's not enough. Once it does that enough time, it becomes hard to resist exploring what else could be out there. This is why people suddenly move, quit their jobs or leave their partners.

Sometimes you need to let go of what no longer serves you so that your soul can find happiness in its purpose.

You Don't Feel In Control

You sometimes feel that you're not in control of yourself. You don't know how you got here or how you'll break patterns. You feel like you've just been doing what you're supposed to be doing: go to school, get a job, get married, whatever was taught to you. Yet even when you tried to it, you felt like you had no control over the outcome.

Your soul is trying to tell you that to retrieve it, you need to take control of yourself. You might have none over the world around you, but your soul allows you to take control over what you do about it.


Here's How Spending The Holiday Season Alone Doesn't Have To Be Sad

There are many reasons why a person could be spending the holiday season alone and there's nothing wrong with that. Some might be intentionally choosing to finally find a moment for peace and quiet and avoid the usual family drama. Others didn't choose their solitude but had no choice for various circumstances weighing on them. Whatever the reason, this supposed most wonderful time of the year isn't just joyful because of others. Those who have experienced spending the holidays alone have found ways to not be sad, and even prefer it. Here's how they do it.

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Treat Yourself

woman eating pizza on christmas decorated table

Olya Kobruseva / Pexels

"I've spent many holidays alone and this is what I always do. I like to cook so I still cook a holiday meal, but if you're not into cooking then maybe splurge on a restaurant you wouldn't normally go to alone. It's all take out now anyway. Decorate your house, if that's your thing. Or go for a quiet walk around the city, a hike, a bike ride, whatever it is you like to do. Or go to a store and buy something like a Lego set, a puzzle, a craft kit, etc and while away the hours that way" - saladada / Reddit

You don't need to spend a lot. The point is to make the day feel special in a way that speaks to you and gives you happiness.

Embrace The Pause On Noise

woman checking her phone by christmas tree

Cottonbro / Pexels

"I was stuck all alone at Christmas one year in college. It sucked, far from home, and unable to go home. I didn't really have the means to do anything exciting but very much enjoyed the quietude when I wasn't thinking about the holiday. I took long walks in the snow and enjoyed how quiet our college campus was when nobody was around. It was almost eery, but not a normal way to see campus so neat at the same time." - KiniShakenBake / Reddit

When else is everyone too busy to check their phones, work or need favors and will leave you alone? When else are all the stores closed and the streets are empty? The noise will be on hold and it's your chance to enjoy the stillness.

Make Yourself Productive

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"I'm planning to work on some DIY projects around the house. Build out the closet organization shelving/system, clear out the garage, hopefully, catch up on some clearing some brush, replace the last light switches and LED integrated recessed lights... Probably will play some Taylor swift/ 80's glam rock while carrying the projects." - davos180 / Reddit

If sitting back and relaxing is not for you, then make yourself productive. You'll not only feel accomplished but you'll have your project results as your reward, like a gift to yourself.

Remember That It's Just Another Day

woman hanging Christmas ornaments on tree outdoors

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"I've spent a few holidays alone and the key to making it less sad is to make it special in some way. Treating it like any other day and waiting for it to be over will just make the time pass slowly and miserably. Try preparing a holiday meal or doing other holiday rituals, like decorating cookies or watching holiday movies, to make the day special. The time will pass faster and you'll enjoy yourself more." - majesticpheasant / Reddit

It's okay if you can't shake off sadness if you wish you weren't alone, or are especially missing someone this year. Just remember that in reality, the holidays come down to just one day, that even those who are together for a meal are not necessarily much happier than you are.

Find A Way To Give Back

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" Donate time, food, or money to a local charity. Food banks are predicting a massive need this holiday season and if you can spare anything at all you'll be helping them and others.

Or reach out to your local elementary schools and ask them about a toy giving charity for their students. Usually, they have something going on or a community partnership, and picking out toys for kids is fun. And you get to know you're making a kid's holiday a little brighter." saladada / Reddit

No matter your situation, there's likely someone in a less fortunate one. Finding a way to make their holiday better will not only bring them joy but also give you purpose.

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