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They treat you like a doormat.

There are many ways you can be treated like a doormat. Many people treat their doormats well, keeping them in good shape for use – and that’s what being a doormat is.

Being used. You take care of them. You’re their sounding board. You give everything and they give nothing.

They love you for your beauty.

Beauty is only skin deep. If you’re getting the feeling that they only like you for your looks and seem disinterested in the rest of you, time to move on.

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You can’t imagine introducing them to your parents.

It could very well be that your partner would get along with your parents just swimmingly, but that’s not the problem. T

he problem is, once you’ve introduced them to your parents, you’re serious with them.

And that’s the scary part. You’ve probably recognized problems and don’t see the relationship lasting. Therein lies the problem.

They love themselves more than they love you.

It’s a hard thing to face, but sometimes you find yourself with someone who’s so into themselves that there’s no room for them to be into you.

It’s important to love yourself, but when you’re in it with someone else, you have to spare some for them too.

There’s no loyalty.

If you can’t trust your partner, if there’s been disloyal behavior in the past, move on. Trust me. Move on.

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