January 17th Marks 2022’s First Full Wolf Moon In Cancer, Be Prepared To Howl In Tears

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Is anyone feeling a little emotional lately? A shift is taking place towards a full moon in Cancer, the sign most known for its touch with emotion and vulnerability. The energy shift is expected to take place on Jan. 17 at 6:51 p.m. ET.

So if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately, you might want to take the day to just feel it out, and cry it out if necessary. This is an opportunity to connect with your inner child and nurture your most vulnerable sides. Here’s what to expect..

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A Time To Reflect When It’s Least Convenient

reflection of person taking photo in eye pupil

Aes / Pexels

Aes / Pexels

The new year has barely begun but with a full moon in the sign of Cancer, we’ve reached the midpoint of another 29.5-day lunar cycle. So if you can’t go to sleep because your mind decided it wanted to replay an incident from three years ago, it’s because it’s pushing you to use the energy of the full moon to reflect and look inwards. The wolf moon in particular coincides with the dead of winter which is a great time for transformation and introspection. When the world is at its coldest darkest stage, the wolves come out to hunt in the dead of night, howling away.

What that means for you is that the more you take the time to think back, and peel the layers of how you got to this point in time, the more likely you are to reach new levels of decisions and breakthrough epiphanies. This is timed just right as the year begins with plenty of opportunities for action and change from the past.

What Needs Healing Is Rising

person in orange drap holding spiritual bowls

Magic bowls / Unsplash

Magic bowls / Unsplash

On a technical level, the full moon is the fateful meeting of the Sun and the Moon at opposite ends of the sky, magnifying the tides. But, this full moon is pushing more than just water to rise. Just like your typical Cancer, it’s pushing all the emotions you’ve shoved to the side back to the forefront, forcing you to finally confront what you’ve been avoiding. While this may feel overwhelming at worst, it means that you’re finally ready to heal what’s been hiding under the surface.

The more of these issues you can actually address, the more growth you’ll experience in a short amount of time. You need this push to finally get over past the sluggish down period you just went through.

Blame Emotional Cancer

woman sitting holding in her knees

Agin Akyurt / Unsplash

Agin Akyurt / Unsplash

In case you were unaware, Cancer is a water sign with its own magical energy that drives feelings to the surface. Cancers are known to be incredibly empathetic and in tune with themselves. This is because they’re able to tap into the vibrations al that is alive around them and create a sense of wholeness with their environment. However, this is easier said than done because the world is as chaotic as it is full of love.

To be able to experience the good, this kind of energy requires a deep level of vulnerability that will make you more prone to experience the worst parts of life as well. You may feel a need to be hugged, to be cared for, and to reach out to loved ones. You may cry and not know why. Give yourself to it because as intense as it feels in the moment, you’ll walk away carrying less baggage.

Some LeftOver Chaos

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Callum Skelton / Unsplash

Callum Skelton / Unsplash

Don’t forget that Mercury just went through its Retrograde on January 14th, leaving some remains of chaotic energy and confusion. It’s okay to not always understand exactly what you’re feeling, to feel sad, and not know why. You may be experiencing not only your own emotions but those of the collective as well.

That means that you can also easily share joyful vibrations with others if you take this time to align yourself with the right people and release those who drain you even further. Be kind to yourself, to others, and be patient with the process. Overcoming emotions starts with awareness.

Some Signs Should Take Extra Caution

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Nastya Dulhiier / Pexels

Nastya Dulhiier / Pexels

This energy shift will affect water signs most of all as well as people whose ruling planets are close to 27 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. The energy will be especially powerful for those signs. They may feel extra sensitive and be triggered with the slightest inconvenience.

These signs should take the time to exercise extra care, partake in self-care rituals and surround themselves with the people that spark joy within them. Plus, the power of the energy of the moon will be most powerful for these signs’ empathetic, intuitive, and creative abilities.

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The Effects Vary On An Individual Level

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Vincent Ledvina / Pexels

Vincent Ledvina / Pexels

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