Watching this 68 year old woman sing “Highway To Hell” will bring a smile to your face

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This woman is living proof that you’re never too old to rock and roll! Jenny Darren is a 68 year old retired woman from Birmingham, but now lives in Cotswolds.

She has surrounded herself with music her entire life and her main influences influences are rock and blues. Back in the good old days, she was a huge AC/DC supporter.

Jenny has even release four of her own albums, with features including celebrities like the Iron Maiden drummer, Nicko McBrian.

She decided to give up the rock-life for something a little bit more laid back. She crossed over into classical and jazz music. She has been singing since the age of 12!

Jenny’s Appearance On Britains Got Talent

Her performance of AC/DC’s classic hit “Highway to Hell” on Britains Got Talent led to a standing ovation during the second audition.

Before she got started however, Jenny asked the audience to “bear with her” as she started to take off her cardigan to reveal a black t-shirt, leather skirt, and boots.

Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanada Holden put on their “shocked” faces before all of their jaws dropped during the opening beat.

Seeing Simon Cowell shocked is enough to know that what you are watching is something special. Jenny Darren is clear proof that age is just a number!

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