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When Jim Carrey Was Asked If He Is Religious, He Gave The Best Response I Have Ever Heard

Jim Carrey is one the world's most beloved actors and people. He's made us laugh, he's made us cry, and he's shown us that life is about being happy, regardless of what that looks like.

While Jim is widely known for his extreme caricatures and portrayals of comedic characters, his success has given him the perfect platform for which to share his insights on life.

As a philosopher, Carrey has mused over the dialectics of peace, given his thoughts on the Illuminati, and even discussed topics like vaccinations. Now, Carrey gives us another bit of insight and inspiration.

He touches on his battle with depression and bipolar disorder, and even explains how he was able to stop taking Prozac. He shares sympathies with those who become addicted to pharmaceuticals because of chronic conditions and how they cause a "low level of despair."

But perhaps the most inspirational part this video is Carrey's take on religion:

"I'm a Buddhist, I'm a Christian, I'm a Muslim, I'm whatever you want me to be. It all comes down to the same thing. You're in a loving place or you're in an unloving place, if you're with me right now you cannot be unhappy, it's not possible."

Watch the whole video, and listen, as Carrey sheds light on the world we find ourselves in today.

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