Joe Rogan Has Some Epic Advice About Women And Relationships That Everyone Needs To Hear

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It seems like an unlikely source, but Joe Rogan has some pretty profound relationship advice. It may not resonate with everyone, but his openness and honesty is as real as the advice itself. It’s hard to grasp relationships sometimes. Rogan may be able to help you there.

“I don’t hate everyone I used to date. In-fact with time I love all of them. Even the ones that I didn’t get along with. When I look back at every single girl I ever dated I swear to God that I will only allow the positive things into my mind, I have some negative stories that are really funny and I tell them but in my mind when I’m thinking about that person I only think about them when I love them, no matter what went wrong or what horrible things were said I refuse to define them by that and I instead define them by their potential – by what they meant to me when they were at their best, but it’s really fucking hard to teach people that . . .”