5 Reasons You Feel Insecure In Your Relationships

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When you’re in a relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic, you’re really taking a chance on the other person. But there are a lot of unknowns to say the least.

Here’s how we can start to feel more secure in our relationships.

1. Put simply, you don’t feel secure.

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Unsplash / Nate Neelson
Unsplash / Nate Neelson

But there’s no reason to feel that way. Everyone in our lives has also chosen to have us in their lives. There’s a reason for that. Our insecurities can get the better of us.

We might think we’re not good enough friends or not attractive enough partners, but that’s nothing worth dwelling on. They’ve chosen you for a reason.

There’s no need to be so insecure.

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2. You can’t seem to give them a chance.

We can be so critical of people, our partners in particular. Everyone deserves a chance to reveal the kind of person they truly are. Give them that opportunity. You might find that you really like what you see.

3. You expect perfection.

Imperfection is okay! Just as it’s okay in you, it’s okay in others. No one is perfect. I haven’t seen anyone walk on water in a long time, and then I’m sure even he had his own imperfections.

Love the strange quirks that make people who they are.

4. You find it difficult to trust the people in your life.

If you’ve had your trust broken by people in the past, it can be so hard to trust in the future. But you have to give people that chance.

Of course, you’re free to no longer trust if you’ve been given a reason not to.

5. You sacrifice so much of yourself without thinking.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. You are number one, after all! If you take care of yourself, other people will help take care of you too if you need it.

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