Judge Orders Woman To Give Her Lingerie Photos To Her Ex-Husband In Their Divorce For “Memories Sake”

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No one enters a relationship expecting it to end, just like no one enters marriage expecting divorce. Unfortunately, sometimes relationships just don’t work out. The hope is that the separation is done maturely to avoid it from getting messy and harder to move forward from.

Linsay Marsh however wasn’t one of the lucky few who gets to go through a smooth divorce. After filing for a divorce , she was hoping to put her marriage to ex-husband Chris Marsh behind her for over a year and a half. Chris made that impossible when he made an unusual request to their divorce judge, and the judge approved it, leaving Lindsay feeling not only betrayed but also violated.

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It Started Off As Loving Gesture

Lindsay Marsh and Chris were married for 25 years which must have felt like a lifetime. There was a time when they were deeply in love. The couple grew up together and gave birth to two healthy children, a boy, and a girl. Before their marriage fell apart, Lindsay commissioned a boudoir album to gift her husband. The album was full of sensual photographs accompanied by loving messages.

indsay Marsh filed for divorce in April 2021 after 25 years together, her ex-husband Chris Marsh (pictured together) said that he wanted to keep her boudoir album, for the memories

Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t work out and the couple filed for divorce. The couple then had to divide properties and belongings between the two of them.

Upon reading the list of items that Chris had requested, Lindsay was shocked and confused when she saw that the intimate photos she had given to her husband so long ago were also on that list.

“For Memory’s Sake”

Chris claims he wanted to keep the sensual album because he wanted to keep the loving messages she wrote to him along with the pictures. Never did Lindsay expect that the judge would approve Chris’ request.

he couple, who have two children together, had been together for 25 years before Lindsay Marsh filed for divorce in 2021

As a “compromise, ” the Davis county judge ruled that Lindsay would give the albums to the original photographer to be edited, then give them to her ex-husband. He stated:

“That person is to do whatever it takes to modify the pages of the pictures so that any photographs of [Lindsay Marsh] in lingerie or that sort of thing or even without clothing are obscured and taken out,” 2nd District Judge Michael Edwards wrote in the ruling via The Salt Lake Tribune.

But the words are maintained for memory’s sake.”

The Photographer Refused

Lindsay felt like she had no choice but to obey the judge’s ruling despite how violated it made her feel. Luckily the original photographer was a close friend of Lindsay’s. Lindsay contacted them and explained the situation.

woman doig the splits over rocks

Her friend and photographer refused to edit the photos and gave two reasons for doing so: it was a violation of Lindsay’s privacy, and it would also damage her business reputation and legitimacy as a boudoir photographer.

No Consideration Of Privacy And Consent

The judge could still not see Lindsay’s and her photographer’s perspectives even when the photographer refused. Instead, the judge ordered Lindsay to give the albums to a third party to edit them. The third party was a male graphic designer whom she had never met.

Judge Michael Edwards ruled that Marsh had to hand over the images to her ex, but said her body could be edited out of them

Lindsay couldn’t wrap her head around the order. She remembers asking the judge’s clerk’s office: “I just want to clarify…The judge has ordered me to give nude photos of my body to a third party that I don’t know without my consent?”

Unfortunately, the answer to that question was yes and it made Lindsay quite distrusting of the law system. She explains: “You don’t know where to turn because you don’t know the law,” adding. “And you have not only your ex-husband who you were married to for years … you have his attorney that also thinks that’s OK. And then you bring it in front of a judge, and he thinks it’s OK.”

No Longer Applicable

Luckily when the original photographer heard of the new judge’s ruling, they agreed to edit the photos after all. At least this way they were only seen by a photographer who Lindsay trusted ad was comfortable with seeing her body in such vulnerable poses.

Lindsay Marsh has told of her shock at being ordered by a judge to hand over a photo album of her 'boudoir style' nude photos to her ex-husband, after he requested them as part of their divorce

The photographer took photos of the album’s pages and edited large black boxes over any part of Lindsay’s body, leaving behind the captions and comments that Lindsay had written for her husband.

If it were up to Lindsay she wouldn’t even leave the message as they were no longer true and applicable. “That’s even violating,” Lindsay thought, “because these are things that were sensual and loving that I wrote to my husband that I loved. You’re my ex-husband now.”

The Husband’s Defense

As for the ex-husband, Chris stands by the ruling and does not find it problematic to have made this request. The Digital copies of these photos were printed out, stapled together, and handed over to him. He seems to think that these albums are not “inappropriate-type books” and the photos weren’t as “intimate” as Lindsay has led people to believe.

husband smiling standing on rocks

“I cherish the loving memories we had for all those years as part of normal and appropriate exchanges between a husband and wife,” he told The Salt Lake Tribune, “and sought to preserve that in having the inscriptions.” To Chris, this album is representative of the good times they once shared that he’s still holding onto.

Exposing The Events

Lindsay doesn’t mean to attack her husband but she has shared her stories in hopes of exposing the judge’s decision on accounting of it being “violating and it’s incredibly embarrassing and humiliating.”

Lindsay smiling in selfie

She hopes that by doing so, she can prevent the next woman from feeling the same way: “The only way I can hopefully protect someone else from going through the same situation is to tell my story and expose that these are the types of things that he thinks are OK.”

Lindsay is required to keep her albums for 90 days after the ruling but then she plans on having a burning party and throwing them into the fire to get rid of them forever.

Pick Your Husbands Carefully

Before you take the leap in committing to someone forever, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

couple in bed laying opposite each other
Erke Rysdauletov / Unsplash
Erke Rysdauletov / Unsplash

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