June’s Horoscope Is Free, Flirty, And Fun: Here’s How It Impacts Your Sign

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As June begins, communication glitches and delays will ease with Mercury turning direct on June 3rd. This is a good period for thoughtful, well-considered plans.

However, no sooner does one retrograde end than another begins – Saturn turns retrograde the following day, pushing us to think more carefully about the level of personal freedom we demand.

A more adventurous, curious vibe arrives mid-month, starting when Mercury moves into its home zodiac sign of Gemini on June 13th, bringing a rush of intellectual stimulation, bright ideas, and lively chatter.

The following day, the Sagittarius Full Moon is packed with exuberance and joy, with energy that urges us to explore and push the boundaries of what we think we know.

On June 21st, the Solstice marks the arrival of the Sun in Cancer. This is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Symbolically, this change of seasons is felt as a desire to protect progress made so far and protect loved ones and values, which is typical of the solar Cancerian energy.

With Venus moving into Gemini the following day, however, there’s a flirtatious edge here too. It’s not a time for taking life too seriously, and the final week of June is likely to have its fair share of frivolous, frothy, fun-filled moments.

As the month winds down, the Cancer New Moon on June 28th is ideal for gratitude and positive manifestation.

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Financial clarity is welcome as June begins. Mercury turns direct in the money zone of your natal birth chart, ending a period of confusion and uncertainty.

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The following day, Saturn turns retrograde in your social zone, however, so you are likely to feel less sociable and more self-reliant than usual.

Mercury moves into your communication zone on June 13th, but this doesn’t have to be face-to-face communication. Make the most of this energy to text, call or write to long-distant friends and extended family members. In this day and age, there’s no reason to feel lonely or cut off.

The Full Moon on June 14th inspires you to research your next travel destination, only this time you’d like to travel with a purpose. Think about volunteering overseas if you’re up for a challenge!

The Solstice energies of June 21st are always focused on the home and family for you, and this year you’re also thinking about your past and your roots. New discoveries in your family history may be eye-opening around this time.

Once Venus arrives in your communication zone on June 22nd, your charm will go off the scale. This final week of June is an excellent time for getting people on your side, whether in business or your personal life.

Look to the New Moon on June 28th for progress in domestic and real estate issues, ending the month on a highly positive note.


New ideas come thick and fast as June gets underway, not least on June 3rd when Mercury turns direct in your sign.

Hold off on any significant career-related changes for a short while, however. Saturn turns retrograde in this area of your natal birth chart on June 4th, so a pause and re-think are required.

Around June 13th, make the most of Mercury’s sign change to tap into as yet unexplored financial opportunities. You have more talents than you realize, and some of them could prove lucrative, mainly writing or marketing skills.

The Full Moon on June 14th is inspirational and open-hearted. It urges forgiveness, even where someone has seriously wronged you; forgive for your own sake, if not for theirs.

The Solstice energies on June 21st are energizing, giving you a fresh start on your ever-growing to-do list. This is always a busy time of the year for you; this year, look into how apps and new tech might help you stay better connected with your loved ones.

Watch out for over-spending once Venus moves into your money zone on June 22nd. A love of the good life is all very well, but it has to be paid for – and you may struggle with that.

However, the New Moon on June 28th brings new optimism, especially if you are trying to combine multiple jobs or multiple sources of income. It’s a hectic period, but a rewarding one nonetheless.


Expect the clouds to clear early in June, when your ruling planet Mercury turns direct on the 3rd. Even though you’ll still be thinking deeply, the confusion should clear up and your intuition will become more reliable.

Saturn turns retrograde on June 4th and ushers in a period when you may be your own worst critic. Try not to set fake limits on what you can do through your own self-doubt. The only thing holding you back is you!

When Mercury returns to Gemini on June 13th, you’ll feel much happier and more your usual, chatty, fun-loving self. The very next day, a Full Moon in your love zone is also good news, especially if your relationship has been feeling jaded recently. Here’s your invitation to reinvent the magic.

The Solstice energies on June 21st are very focused on abundance – both that you have already created and that which is still to come. This is an ideal time for gratitude and making ambitious plans for the rest of the year.

When Venus moves into Gemini on June 22nd, you’ll definitely feel in the mood for a party. If you’re single and dating, this can be a lovely influence but do take care not to come across as too clingy or needy. That’s not you at all, but this Venus transit can make you do odd things!

June rounds out with prosperity and abundance still on the menu, especially if you can act on the bright ideas inspired by the New Moon on June 28th.

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Mercury turns direct in the social zone of your natal birth chart on June 3rd, so if your friendships have been stalling recently, this is the green light that should help to perk things up.

The following day, Saturn turns retrograde in the most psychologically complex area of your chart, however, so you may start to feel the weight of self-doubt or self-blame. Talking things over with a counselor would help to keep your self-esteem positive.

Look to Mercury’s change of zodiac signs on June 13th for an upsurge in synchronicity, strange coincidences, weird events, and spooky happenings – don’t worry, it’s all good; this is just the cosmos trying to send you a message.

This month’s Full Moon on June 14th occurs in your personal organization zone; if you haven’t kept on top of the details recently, this could prompt a mini-drama – but you’ll learn from it, and in the long run, this will help you manage your time better.

It’s all smiles by the time the Solstice arrives, and the Sun moves into Cancer in a burst of enthusiasm, warmth, and confidence. You can embody the very best of your sign during this period, so don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Indeed, with Venus moving into your spiritual zone the following day, opening your heart to someone close to you will bring you ever closer together and will strengthen your karmic bond too.

Round out June by making some grand new plans on the 28th, when the Cancer New Moon opens up all kinds of possibilities.


Career-related issues should become a lot clearer as June gets underway, especially once Mercury turns direct in this area of your chart on June 3rd.

With Saturn turning retrograde the following day, however, you are reminded of the need to keep your partner informed and on board with your ambitions – don’t allow a struggle to emerge between your career plans and your love life.

When Mercury changes signs on June 13th, you’ll want to network as widely as possible. This is an excellent influence for winning hearts and minds, especially in business. Show what you can do and attract the right kind of attention.

June’s Full Moon on the 14th shines from the joy zone of your natal birth chart – expect some very good news, but it could well be something tinged with bittersweet or sentimental energies. Tears of joy might mingle with tears of sadness; be kind to yourself.

As the Solstice arrives on June 21st, the solar energy shifts, and you’ll feel the need to get more in touch with your spirituality. Between now and the New Moon in your spiritual zone on June 28th, make plans to explore your spiritual gifts more tangibly.

You might want to join a group to do this – with Venus joining Mercury in your social zone on June 22nd, there’s an emphasis on teams, cooperation, and making new like-minded friends.


Good news if you’re a student or trying to learn new skills – Mercury, your ruling planet, turns direct on June 3rd, unblocking your educational and academic progress.

Saturn turns retrograde the following day, which, although often seen as a negative influence, will be helpful to you in this regard because it means you will be learning how to make better use of your time.

Look to Mercury’s change of signs on June 13th for a shift towards a more ambitious frame of mind. From this point onward, you’ll want to be showcasing your abilities and talents. It’s a good time to turn freelance or self-employed or seek support for promotion.

The Full Moon on June 14th, however, shines from your family zone and hints at discord over family expectations for you. This is likely to stem from something in your childhood that you’ve never quite shaken off – stand strong now, and be firm about who you are.

Solstice energies boost your mood considerably, as the solar energies shift towards friendship and a more engaging social life.

With Venus joining Mercury in your ambitions zone on June 22nd, it’s fine to mix business with pleasure. All that networking and partying could yield some outstanding results indeed!

Meanwhile, the month rounds out with a New Moon in your social zone – a cosmic promise that someone who will be important to you is waiting to meet you, just around the corner.

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Some of your more profound questions might be answered early in June when Mercury turns direct in one of the most thoughtful areas of your natal birth chart. However, any spiritual insight into the mysteries of life is only going to provoke further questions still – stay on your quest!

Saturn turns retrograde in the joy zone of your chart on June 4th, which can lead to a few months of feeling guilty about enjoying yourself. Try not to allow this influence to get you down; you have every right to live, love, and laugh, no matter what your other responsibilities may be.

When Mercury changes zodiac sign on June 13th, you can expect some grand ideas to take shape. This is a perfect period for travel, education, or other mind-broadening strategies. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you!

The Full Moon on June 14th marks the culmination of a hectic period in your everyday life – you’ll probably be glad to have completed one particular thing, and with that over, you can start to breathe again.

Look to the Solstice energies on June 21st for an upsurge in ambition, as the career zone of your chart is activated by solar energy. With Venus moving into your education zone the following day, learning something new is set to be very rewarding, so don’t hesitate to embark on a new degree.

June ends on an ambitious note, with a New Moon on June 28th. Set your sights high during this lunar energy because your manifestation abilities will be strong.


Breathe a sigh of relief on June 3rd – Mercury turns direct in your love zone, putting an end to a passive-aggressive phase in your relationship and reopening channels of better communication.

The following day, however, Saturn turns retrograde in your family zone. You may have to wrestle with some complex issues from your childhood and figure out how far you are willing to either forgive or forget.

Answers on this front may come on June 13th, when Mercury moves into a profoundly psychological area of your chart. Listen to your intuition – if you sense that you should forgive someone, it will be to your benefit to do so.

Indeed, the Full Moon the following day highlights your values and the importance of these in your decision-making process. Letting go is a crucial factor here, so don’t be afraid to free yourself from trauma once and for all.

The Solstice energies on the 21st bring a much brighter and more adventurous vibe around you. This period of June will be wonderful for travel or for pursuing a spiritual or intellectual quest of any kind.

Venus changes signs and heads into your passion zone on June 22nd, which is great news for your relationship – although watch out for jealous moments.

June ends on a bright note, with the New Moon on the 28th encouraging a fresh start in education or training. Take up a new qualification or sign up for a class – it will bring you joy, as well as potential career progress.


You can bid a cheerful farewell to chaos on June 3rd, as Mercury turns direct, and you can get better organized. This energy shift is especially beneficial for health and exercise habits, too, increasing your willpower.

However, Saturn turns retrograde the following day, stifling your typically excellent communication skills for a while. You may have to be extra clear in what you are trying to say. Proofread documents, and be careful what you reveal on social media.

On June 13th, Mercury changes signs and heads into the love zone of your natal birth chart, which is a blessing for your closest relationship, making it easier to express your love.

The following day, the Sagittarius Full Moon is an emotion-packed rollercoaster for you. On the one hand, this energy is exuberant and full of larger-than-life possibilities, but on the other hand, it does make you very aware of a recent or looming ending, which may prompt tears.

Look to the Solstice energies on June 21st for a stabilizing influence. This solar energy highlights how resilient you can be and underlines your inner strength. Whatever life is throwing at you, you’ve got it covered.

There’s more good news for your love life on June 22nd, with romantic Venus moving into your opposite sign. Whether you’re dating or already loved up, this is the perfect energy for cuddling up close.

June ends on a very purposeful note. The New Moon on June 28th is psychologically powerful for you – it shows you a new beginning and reminds you that you do indeed have what it takes to make this work.

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If you have been feeling creatively blocked recently, that should come to an end on June 3rd, when Mercury turns direct, and your creative juices start flowing again.

The following day, however, your ruling planet Saturn turns retrograde in the vales zone of your natal birth chart, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself second-guessing everything before you put pen or paint to paper.

Your mental health is boosted when Mercury changes signs on June 13th – this light-hearted, sociable energy improves your relationships with colleagues, too, and helps you to get better organized.

Look to a highly spiritual Full Moon on June 14th for insight into the weird dreams you’re probably having. The cosmos has messages for you, but are you listening?

On June 21st, the Solstice energies highlight your opposite sign, as they always do – and this activates the love area of your natal birth chart. With solar energy now warming up your heart, this is a lovely period for getting closer than ever to your chosen someone.

Venus is on the move on June 22nd, arriving in your wellbeing zone and encouraging you to rest, recuperate and enjoy a little bit of whatever makes you smile. This energy is about your overall holistic health, not just your diet or fitness, so factor in meditation or yoga and mindfulness too.

June ends with romance still in full swing – indeed, the New Moon on June 28th shines from your love zone, so if you’re single and looking for someone special, the universe may have something – or someone – up its sleeve and waiting.


Stubborn family issues may start to finally loosen up when Mercury turns direct on June 3rd – at the very least, communication at home should become more straightforward and less fraught.

However, Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius the next day, leading to depressive energies for your sign. It’s important to stay positive and to turn to others for help with your mental health if you feel it’s needed.

Mercury’s change of zodiac sign on June 13th will help to uplift you, as this bright and breezy energy lights up the joy zone of your natal birth chart – perfect for parties, vacations, and celebrations.

The Full Moon is promising too, on June 14th, shining as it does from the most sociable area of your chart. An old friend may get back in touch out of the blue, or you may find that existing friendship bonds deepen quite dramatically.

The Solstice energies mark the start of a determined period in your month – from June 21st onward, you’ll be very keen to get things done. Knuckling down to some hard work makes you feel good, so don’t hesitate to take on more responsibility at this time.

If you’re single and looking for love, Venus’ arrival in your dating zone on June 22nd is excellent news – mainly because it encourages you to be a little bit warmer and less aloof than usual.

It’s a working end to June, however, with the New Moon on the 28th encouraging teamwork in a big, new, exciting project.


Expect greater clarity right from the offset in June. For a start, Mercury ends its retrograde motion through your communication zone and turns direct on June 3rd, much to your relief.

Meanwhile, the following day, Saturn turns retrograde – for you, this introspective energy is welcome as it gives you the chance to clarify your thoughts and firm up your intuition.

You can put all of this clear thinking to good use within the family when Mercury changes signs on June 13th. From better communication with loved ones to faster progress on domestic issues, it’s all coming together in the home at this point.

Be careful with the Full Moon energies on June 14th, however. This Full Moon is at the very top of your chart, highlighting your career ambitions – but the light it shines reveals that family-related sacrifices will have to be made if you want to pursue all of your goals.

The Solstice energies on June 21st strike a less serious note, lighting up the joy zone of your chart with solar warmth and happy coincidences. With Venus moving into your family zone the following day, these last ten days of the month look sure to be amicable, affectionate, and enjoyable.

Make a resolution to do more of whatever makes you smile when the New Moon occurs on June 28th. You’re learning to grab joy and laughter wherever and whenever it appears.

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